Women’s Secrets to Looking Half Their Age

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You won’t believe how old these women are after you see their faces! Guests Noreen and Meli spill their anti-aging secrets – all easy, at-home tips that don’t require a facelift or perfect genes.

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52 thoughts on “Women’s Secrets to Looking Half Their Age”

  1. I’m 40, and my mom is 80… I’ve been mistaken for 20s and my mom to be in her 50s. She doesn’t have wrinkles yet. We eat garden grown veggies and drink lots of water. Walk nightly and mind our own business.

  2. Sleep. Sleep. And, sleep some more. Drink water. Walk in fresh air. Cut toxic people out of your life. You know who they are.

  3. Below are the tips to remain young ;
    Drink plenty of water
    Get enough sleep
    Eat a lot of fruits and green vegetables
    Exercise regularly
    Do not over-scrub your skin
    Stay out of sun as much as u can
    Limit sugar and carb intake
    Moisturise your skin daily

  4. I’m 28 and people say I look 20 or 18. My recommendations:
    – eat healthy. Include veggies and fruits and drink a lot of water.
    -do face yoga to keep your muscles relaxed and tighten your skin.
    -no stress
    -skin care routine
    -don’t smoke
    -do exercise

  5. Beautifully Blessed and Naturally Sweet

    The secret to looking young is being happy with yourself and taking well care of your self. Some people that are single still look old to, but I will say that the types of relationships such as friends, family, love, etc, you have can have an affect on you so only keep good relationships in your life and keeps yourself happy.

  6. From the ladies:
    1. Blueberries and pancake.
    2. Massage with (Sunflower or Rose Oil) every night.
    3. Dunk your face on ice in the morning.
    4. Wheat grass with Cayenne.
    5. Eat Prunes
    (Did I miss anything?)

    From my experience, good skin is wholistic. Let’s start with mental and emotional health:
    1. Treat yourself with love and kindness.
    2. Avoid toxic people and have boundaries.
    3. Accept who you are (including your flaws) and others for who they are. You can’t change them. You can only change you.
    4. Find your peace and happiness. Spend time with nature, God and good people.

    Let’s do some skin care:
    1. Avoid the sun at it’s peak. It can cause premature ageing.
    2. Wear sunscreen.
    3. If wearing make-up, take it off at the end of the day.
    4. Massage face with oil, serum or lotion that works best for your skin. The movement increases collagen.
    5. And yes, use ice. It does help.

    Eating and Drinking:
    1. Avoid alcohol or limit your intake.
    2. Drink lots of water and teas.
    3. Eat veggies and fruits. Totally agree with Blueberries as it also helps with clearing toxins in the brain and mental fog. Cayenne helps with heart and arteries.

    For physical care:
    1. Have enough sleep. For some, it is 5 hours. Some need more. Do what your body needs.
    2. Do Enough exercise for you to feel good. Not more, not less. Anything (food, alcohol, oils, excercise and others) that is beyond what our body needs is not helpful.

    Do good to others – it will make you feel good. Feeling good will help with your mental and emotional state. Thus, self-care is important so take care of yourself. Inside and out.

    Smile – it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.

  7. This should be a whole series. I want to see more and hear more on what makes them think they still look young, that is so interesting and I like how gentle he was with them as well.❤

  8. I’m 38 and most people think I’m about 26. I didn’t have kids or get married. I eat plantbased, do yoga/Pilates, stay away from drama, get 8 hours of sleep, and I find joy in the little everyday things…
    I also learned with age to not hold in my emotions & to just tell people the truth. Pent up anger will age you fast.

  9. This is amazing. I’m always told I don’t look my age. I’m currently 40. I didn’t have any stress until my mid 30s.

  10. Well i did till i met a narissist did not know what thy were till too lat and i was born whith film star skin has in the dna my nan had it god rest her soul my mother had it god rest her soul i will say know more,

  11. @Grace Alexandre men do not age anymore gracefully than a woman- sometimes faster due to lifestyle (handsome is subjective). I work with elderly people everyday.

  12. @STORMCHII happiness is not synonymous to laugh. It’s more than than that Positive thought, Positive words and Positive deeds denote the real happiness.

  13. The top factors that affect skin’s age:
    1. Photo damage/sun damage (Wear covering clothing, wide brimmed hats, spf etc. or spend most of your time outdoors in the morning and evening instead of midday.)
    2. Inflammation (Eat a diet rich in antioxidants like vitamin C)
    3. Ischemia reperfusion/poor circulation (Massages, inversion, ice water, cardio, facial exercises etc.)
    4. High cortisol (Get plenty of sleep and keep your stress low through gratitude practices, journaling, prayer, therapy etc.)

  14. As an asian guy, everytime i workout in the park, people think im a highschool/early college student. Im 34 yo with 2 kids lmao. I have fit body, a really baby face, and i never have any treatment. I believe it is genes and working out frequently. Body fat also matters, people who have a lot of body fat tend to look older.

  15. I agree with all of the natural methods to keep skin looking youthful.
    However, avoiding stress as a working adult is nearly impossible. There are ways to manage stress, but stress is just a part of being alive in my opinion.

  16. Ultimately, the older you get, the more you realize that what you think someone looks like at a specific age changes. When I turned 30, my classmates thought I was 25. That keeps happening the older I get. Ultimately, embracing aging will give you peace of mind.

  17. I’m Asian too but we just have small frame to begin with thats why we look young to be honest Im not proud. My my son hate he has small frame he can’t make most sports team and other girls beside Asian won’t date him as well because he is short with small frame.

  18. @Mafunase Kaisi if you are referring to cooking oils for healthy youthful appearance you should go for non-refined oils such as extra virgin olive oil and pure coconut oil.

  19. @Nikki H That wasn’t my reason for not having kids. I’m an introvert so I have solitude, not loneliness. We have different perspectives and that’s ok.

  20. @Lia Lou13 you realize that black people can get sunburned too lol. Wear sunscreen regardless of skin color cause melanoma does not discriminate.

  21. @Anime Cookies I dont get sun burn. We don’t have the same skin. But thanks anyway.

  22. Facts*Over*Feelings

    I’m not suggesting your mom doesn’t look younger.
    No wrinkles yet? At 80?
    C’mon now.
    Kudos to your mom for looking great….but let’s try to sound a little more realistic here.

  23. @Natalia Blake do they drink and smoke. i have seen woman who smokes heavily and age terribly and to much sun exposure or their tanning habits.

  24. you can also poke a vit e capsule or vite oil and use that. i’m using ice, lemon, and vit e. and whenever i use face mask my face just radiate, but i can be lazy sometimes.

  25. @RN No, they don’t actually. They do, however, have some thyroid problems, and a bit lazy. I also think it has a lot to do with personality.

  26. Ash Andromedan

    yes, this is so underrated. once i cut negative and projecting-type people out of my life that always projected their anxieties, fears and resentments onto me and my life, i was glowing in the face, body, mind and the spirit. i had a complete transformation and i look years younger (i’m only 25) and i have released the negative habits that came with the group of friends that i was clinging to for so long. this helps LOADS.

    also do it with past memories that you can’t seem to forget, let them go. we’re present. release the need to know what’s coming, live in the moment, you’ll look more happy and joyful as we place our energy and attention on what’s happening now, rather than the later, or the past.

    surround yourself with likeminded beings, being understood by those around you gives you a sense of reassurance that you’ve got your people. if you’re isolated right now by the universe and by god to be alone, always remember, “rejection is protection”. if there are friends, family or relationships that are not working out the way that you’d ideally want them to, know that spirit, the universe, is protecting you from them, and you are meant for a bigger and better journey/path.

  27. Ash Andromedan

    @Roro Susanti remove your attention from their negative attributes, bring out the joy in their hearts, remind them how to love and give laughter, spread warm hugs, connect deeply to their hearts. if they still treat you or themselves with disrespect, learn how to place your attention and focus on only yourself, do things that you love doing, put headphones on, meditate, go for a walk, clear your mind. if they try to get you upset, say nothing, look at them with love and understanding, and then walk away. have compassion for the weak minded people, they have much to learn and you are an old soul. have a good day <3

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