What I Ate In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT: 20 KGS!

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Today's video is showing you guys what I ate today. The meals shown in this video are what I ate to lose my weight throughout my journey and also what I eat to maintain the weight loss. If you would like to see more of these videos showing you healthy meals, then please let me know 🙂 I really hope you enjoy this video and if you do, don't forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

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56 thoughts on “What I Ate In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT: 20 KGS!”

  1. I lost weight this way before seeing this video years ago , I ate tuna and egg salad for dinner most days and the weight fell off , boiled eggs are ridiculously filling.

  2. This is one of those realistic food diary videos! When you’re overweight and are serious about losing it, then you come to terms with the fact what you only eat to fulfil your hunger. You don’t enjoy what you’re eating and after a while, it becomes a routine and you just get used to eating it.

  3. I had this for one month with half an hour exercise cardio everyday
    And I lost 5/6 kg!!!
    Absolutely amazing !!!

  4. Francine Pacaldo

    Two sides of me

    Me: I will eat food like these now
    Other me: Naahhhh, life is too short, enjoy food!

  5. *Hana Ramadan* “I’m always doing something with my life”
    *Me* …….can’t relate

  6. I strongly disagree with this statement. I’m on Keto, and I really do enjoy my food. It’s healthy, supporting weight loss and delicious. I don’t need chips and pasta to be happy with my food lol.

  7. @Paulina서연 has it occured to you that she may be describing her personal experience ?
    You probably dont mean it but it can seem like ur invalidating her point. Like :”how the hell dont you enjoy healtht food?? Something is wrong with you. I ENJOY IT, I GET IT. GET IT TOO,ALREADY !!”

  8. That’s way too little. You need to combine some good carbs like oats and some fats like olive oil and almonds and nuts

  9. Too little calories. This works in theory, but in practice it will lead to bingeing, because it is so restrictive and very bland

  10. @Isabelle Giefer You’re a nutrition scientist but you don’t know about caloric deficit being necessary to lose weight? Ya right

  11. Isabelle Giefer

    @dgnty you need enough kalories to start burning fat. You shoul eat lower kalories but not too less. If you eat not kalories enough then you come in hunger diabolic. Thats unhealthy and your body burns muscles not fat. You have to eat minimL your basic kalories. For women plus minus 1300-1400 kcal thats what body needs to run engines like organs and others.

  12. pyontea affirmations

    dgnty bruh chile let her be proud of it, 5 kg is still a lot in a month to lose

  13. I love watching these videos relaxing on the sofa with lots of ice cream. I process the information better

  14. I ate less and did exercise for 45 minutes a day and lost 14kg in a month. I went swimming which has helped me a lot. I did swimming 4 times a week for 1hour. If not swimming running also is very effective. I did not go dieting but I ate a lot less than I normally eat.

  15. christopher mikhail

    @dgnty it depends on how overweight you are. If she did this for a month and only lost 5kg, then she is probably already skinny. It all depends on your weight

  16. @fuhbloom The eggs and veggies are nice when you’re tired of sugary breakfasts, but I agree that it isn’t the first thing I would grab normally. Which is probably why she has maintained her weight loss and I go back and forth.

  17. pheaktra chheang

    For Southeast Asian like me :
    -okay Morning ,rice
    Awww Holy cow!

  18. @Jonell Boylan You just need to find a healthy meal that you like and you will easily stick to it. The reason why eating like a rabbit doesn’t work for most people and why they give up on diets is because these types of food are not satisfying at all to eat. But you don’t have to eat like this to eat healthy. People will lose weight naturally if they stay away from crappy foods and eat whole, natural foods, the problem is that they don’t.

  19. fuhbloom I agree, but I think her meal for the day was a great example of a healthy breakfast that you don’t get tired of

  20. Alice Ruby well sticking to this diet would only make you develop cravings for specific foods in which may not be healthy since it’s so restrictive. It would inevitably result in a binge.

  21. There are no such things as good carbs they all spike your insulin also the best fats are butter and tallow not olive oil or nuts.

  22. @BANGTAN LOVE i heard about it. I could eat rice for one day, but on the next day for sure I would search for something else to eat

  23. Singampalli Anusha

    Hii I’m personal wellness coach.if u interested to weight loss seriously with good diet .I will help u.if u interested contact me 7671984138

  24. @sakura hoora I fasted for 7 days, water and clear herbal tea only. Lost 4 lbs. And that is very poor result, considering I had absolutely nothing to eat for 7 days. So not everyone is the same.

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