Tony Robbins on How to Break Your Negative Thinking

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40 thoughts on “Tony Robbins on How to Break Your Negative Thinking”

  1. Albert Einstein said we can’t think our way out of a problem using the same thinking that got us in it… We must change our thinking… Thoughts are driven by emotions and emotions can be changed by motion.
    Love this!

  2. Got damn he’s good. There’s nothing in this video I didn’t already know (as I think is the case for a lot of people), but his ability to explain it in such a simple, straight forward, yet still precise/correct way, is just pure genius! That’s what’s special about Tony Robbins: He’s able to make what can seem complex, into simple principles that anybody can understand – without oversimplifying it to the point that the concept becomes incorrect/unprecise. He’s able to make a concept both simple AND precise/correct at the same time.

  3. Summary for breaking your negativity:
    1. Physiological state,
    The best way to effect your emotional state is by changing your physical state: breathe deep, have an upright posture, don’t talk too slow, put your hands on your hips or both over your head.

    2. Focus on what you do want not what you don’t want, this creates a feedback loop and self fulfilling prophecy

    3. Take action

    4.notice your state changes due to the results you get, maintain a powerful and positive state in and with your body!

  4. I love you Tony! It’s amazing how he can sum it up in a few minutes. Been to all his seminars, and had the pleasure of meeting him and telling him how much his work means to me ❤️

  5. Your mindset is 80% of the battle. Man have I learned that. 20% is tactics and technical (although it takes up most of your time. Oh yeah…and 100% hustle:) Love Tony!

  6. Tony changed my life in the early 90’s in Hawaii. I’ll never forget that he lead me to happiness in every aspect of life. God bless you To ny

  7. Summary for breaking your negativity
    1. Physiological state,
    The best way to effect your emotional state

  8. This dude changed my life forever 35 years ago when I was 15. No joke. I applied what I watched and learned from his infomercial at 1 in the morning on TV and I’m not kidding I noticed results the next day with the way people interacted with me and I was hooked, for life. I went from being painfully shy and feeling like a loser outcast to a guy who is in charge of himself, CONFIDENT and makes things happen. If people simply applied did what he tells you your life will go in whatever direction you dream of. You simply need to do it and stick with it. All the habits are positive habits and it’s like magic. Number 1 is believe in yourself.

  9. When he said to imagine the moment you were proud and how it felt: my heart started beating faster and I felt pump like I can do anything I wanted to do but can’t because I’m scared of.

  10. @Jeremy Johnson the more you resonate with negative thoughts the more power they have over you. It sounds cheesy but negativity will literally kill you if you let it.

  11. Understanding and facing your emotions is imperative to becoming mentally strong. This man is pure talent. He has better understanding of psychology with no degree than most therapists and psychologists

  12. Einstein wasn’t talking about emotions. No one ever questions positive emotions, or blessing or anything else that feels good. So why apply rationality to the negative?

  13. @Henry G Because feeling good and feeling bad are not really logical. It’s true that thinking about thinking is helpful but Metacognition is an endless cycle. Feeling bad but doing what you need to do is waaay more powerful a mentality.

  14. Hearing Tony speak for the first time…in years, almost brings a tear to my eyes. I need to get back on track like I did when I listened to Personal Power.
    I need Tony as my personal coach again. :”

  15. @Michele Di Minno In life there are only 2 problems –mind and the body. Reduce thoughts to feel better. . Your breathing is closely related to the brain [mind] and gives good relief from stress-anxiety. To relax sit on a chair or lie down, neck straight, eyes closed and observe the sensations of your incoming–outgoing breath at the entrance of the nostrils for 5-10-15 minutes or more. Don’t fight your thoughts. With daily practice the mind will relax. No deep breathing needed. Do the practice without any expectations. When taking a walk, at office, in school, when reading, before sleep etc observe your breath sensations. Like me, make this a lifetime daily habit to have a good life. Reduce negative social media and avoid constipation as it affects the mind instantly. Best wishes–Counsellor.

  16. thoughts are not always driven by emotion….describe the leadership of Dr Martin Luther King, please…where observing the horrors of Emmitt Till or the ill treatment of The Enslaved should cause anger and outrage which should lead to action that renders change. Do not always construed that emotions partnering with thoughts are always bad in their negativity, because without some negativity, where would there ever be change?

  17. उंदीर

    What exactly did you do? And how can I do it. I m that loser outcast guy right now.

  18. @उंदीर I know you didn’t ask me but the loser/ outcast guy is brain thought pattern will keep you seeing and doing only things to keep you in a “loser & outcast guy” state. You have to break t he pattern so the brain can start to create a differently reality for you! Do a 7 day crash course for brain rewiring, if you want to do in 1 day you can if so motivated. But when done you will be surprised that your brain is sending you different/enhanced messages about yourself. Which will then cause you say, do thing differently and life will start to change quite steadily!! Do want me to send you the link?

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