Tim Tebow Explains How The Keto Diet Breaks Down Fat

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Professional athlete Tim Tebow gives insight into what he eats on the ketogenic diet. Plus, find out what’s in Tim’s favorite “fat bomb” dessert and his go-to snack.

79 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Explains How The Keto Diet Breaks Down Fat”

  1. Dont be fooled, dr oz knows nothing about keto. Dr berg is the best keto information with 100s of awesome videos.

  2. Keto Keuhn Nutrition

    He doesn’t have the breath that Dr. Oz mentions because Tim has been keto-adapted for a period of time now. His body is using those ketones now instead of giving them off in the breath.


    I’ve lost over 140lbs and I’m a war Veteran, Keto/Carnivore has changed my life.
    Depression and anxiety and PTSD has almost complelty GONE. I’m so thankful to be living my life

    Now I run and admin several Facebook groups, been low carb and Keto 14 years plus.

    You want the real Docs on this stuff, here I’ll tell you and it’s not Dr. Oz and Not Doc Berg don’t be their sheep

    Dr. Steven Feeney, dr. Jeff volek, dr. Eric Westman, dr. Robert Atkins, dr. Benjamin bikeman, dr. Ted Neiman, dr. John lemanski, dr. Berry

    These are doctors that know about the ketogenic diet

    Here’s one group

  4. No mention of the key word INSULIN! Keto and intermittent fasting lowers Insulin levels which only THEN forces the body to switch to fat burning.

  5. This must be some more content that he stole from Dr. Berg when Dr. Berg was supposed to be on his show.

  6. That was the worst explanation of ketosis I’ve seen, looks like props and animation were no help.

  7. Full Time Vegan In Ohio

    This xman isn’t far off the mark. Hara hachi bu has been one of the keys to longevity. It’s eating until 80% full (lower calorie intake). Ever wonder why there arent many overweight elderly?
    But yeah, low carb, keto, they’re fads. I’m pretty sure there are no populations of keto on the planet to study. Before you jump down my throat about the vegan populations, we at least have a percentage of the 7th day Adventists.

  8. EXACTLY!!!!!


  9. THe only good advice on keto is don’t eat it. It’s just soul food recycled. but the same diseases.

  10. gyrospinup (Chris)

    If he’s been eating 3 large avocados and all them cashews the whole time, he’s only moderate LCHF. After becoming adapted, he could get away with a carb increase to a degree backed up with a fast.

  11. @gyrospinup (Chris) ypu are so dumb! “Keto” is soul food rebranded. Fatty food is unhealthy regarless of what this or that promoter calls it.

  12. gyrospinup (Chris)

    @Larry Maloney I have 6 lab works that have everything marked ideal. I’m no longer a type 2 diabetic, inflammation is gone, blood pressure is now perfect, no more fatty liver, skin is like new and I could go on and on. Do yourself a favor and do some research before you say something else stupid. You sound as if you work as a lobbyist for big pharma and don’t want people to fix themselves. Either that or you’re a vegan or vegetarian who is afraid of meat. Sure, high fat is a recipe for disaster if you’re devouring excessive carbs. If your body is burning its own fat as fuel rather than glucose, which carbs and starches immediately turn into glucose, it’s a whole different ball game.


    @Mr. James Cagney yeah but there’s a reason why the original poster saying what they are saying because Berg was done wrong by Oz before as well

  14. Mr. James Cagney

    The Keto Mechanic – Fueled By Fat Home of course their gonna choose sex symbol Tebow to come on the show over a YouTube guy like berg

  15. Keto controls my weight(I literally blow up on carbs,) took care of my IBS, have less brain fog. Still…..I think I need to find out what Kevin Trudeau thinks.

  16. @Atom Bomb babies are limited to mother’s milk. When their digestive tract develops that can handle starches and leave their mild ketoses state of being long behind. It’s idiotic to argue adults need the nutrients, in the manner limited to new-born babies. Once organs are developed babies can start eating healthy plants.

  17. Keto saved my life. I’ve been overweight all my life and no diet or exercise routine worked for me. I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem and I was pre-diabetic. I almost gave up on ever being a normal weight and started to accept that I would probably die before I turned 40. Then I heard about keto and gave it a shot. I lost over 20lbs in the first month. It wasn’t easy though! There’s something called the keto flu that really threw me out of wack until I started taking a supplement to fight it off. If you are doing keto or thinking about starting keto I suggest this supplement to help you fight off the keto flu and help you stay in ketosis check out the article and see other peoples results with it here http://bit.ly/ketozen I’ve lost over 68lbs on keto so far and I’m 22lbs away from my goal. Keto literally saved my life when nothing else worked. I will be forever thankful to keto.

  18. Adventures With Bravo Company 1/1

    Dr Oz is a moron. He’s just jumping on the band wagon and treating Keto like a fad diet. This is a lifestyle folks. I lost 78 pounds and I’m seeing my abs again at 51 yrs old.

  19. I also have a thyroid condition and I’ve been curious about Keto.
    I’m concerned about what the high fat can do to your heart.

  20. Yaroslav Chernyshov

    Dr. Berg? He is a chiropractor. Im not questioning his knowledge or research skills, but don’t call him a doctor like that is suppose to mean something.

  21. Dr OZ talks a mile a minute. He acts like he’s on speed or something, plus he knows nothing about anything. If you want to know the facts about Keto, go to Dr Berg.

  22. The Keto Mechanic – Fueled By Fat Home sorry but you’ll gain it back and more. Also heart is getting clogged.

  23. Awesome. My cousin and a friend have been on it.. 2 yrs and over a year. Results are ridiculous. Cousin weighs 165, which is weird. He’s never been that light since elementary school. No BS. They feel good, their numbers are exceptional. its effortless for them. I haven’t researched it yet from pros. But I’ve heard it all from cousin. Is it too good to be true and does anyone think long term this might not be healthy? I mean if they look good, feel good and numbers have improved and are good, what am I missing? Or is it we can’t be certain of anything?

  24. Amazing! Just started a few days ago. I am hoping to reverse auto immune diseases, just found out over the last week that many people are reversing and damn near curing all kinds of auto immune diseases on keto and carnivore diets!

  25. Epsie Shapley

    Andy Dressler yeah, but I’ll clap for most anything if Tim Tebow will stand there.

  26. Epsie Shapley

    Larry Maloney Sorry, Larry, doctors are seeing amazing results when we stop carbs.

  27. Yeah this TV evangelist back peddles on a lot of content. He just follows the heard. And steals content.

  28. Kashi Lawson Wait. I did Keto for a month and lost 15lbs. I stopped cause people told me it’s only a short term diet (?).

  29. Televisionarchives

    Dr. Berg is not a Doctor. And he’s been in trouble Dr. Berg violated former Section 54.1-2915.A(4) of the Code [as it existed prior to its amendment in 2003] and Section 54.1-2915.A(1) and (4) of the Code [formerly Section 54.1­2915.A(1) and (5)] for conduct in the practice prior to July 1, 2003; Section 54.1-2915.A(3) of the Code [formerly Section 54.1-2915.A(4) as amended in 2003] for conduct in the practice from July 1, 2003; Section 54.1-2915.A(13) of the Code [formerly Section 54.1-2914.A(8)]; and Section 54.1-2915.A(16) of the Code [formerly Section 54.1-2914.A(11)], in that, he utilized, in the care, diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of his patients, including Patients A-H, the following techniques, which are outside the scope of the practice of chiropractic; do not constitute acceptable standards of chiropractic care; and have no reasonable scientific or medical research, investigation, study, or data to support their efficacy or therapeutic benefit:

  30. @X Man i did it for 10 days and lost 10 pounds and never gained any of it back so how is it a fad diet if it actually works

  31. Yea, Dr Oz explainations are always trash.

    Basically when your body has too much sugar/carbs/starch that are easy to break down, your body is less likely to burn fat. (“Why would I want to do this, when I can do that in less then 2 seconds” type thing)
    By severely restricting all sugar and carb intake, your literally forcing your body to burn fat for an energy source. Its called the Keto diet because ketones are the byproduct of breaking down fats.

    They just up the fatty food because without that, your body will just burn up all the fat in your body, then start eat up your muscle as a last resort.

    Its has plenty of side effects, but i dont think enough long term studies has been done to see any other.

  32. Incorrect, humans have been eating carbs/starch foor 1000s of years. The whole point of Keto is to burn fat, fat is what kept the Human Race alive for as long as it has.

  33. I Love my Keto Lifestyle it’s not just a diet because Diets deprive you of food that you like and Keto has everything I love 😉

  34. Capital j aku Arias

    I completely agree also the fact that keto food percentage breakdown only had 5% greens and veggies which is completely false!!! It is an extremely green and vegetable heavy way of living. Definitely don’t be fooled by that iether

  35. @TB1M1 Funny thing is…it was never a fad in the first place. What do you think our ancestors used to eat before all the grains, pasta, bread, and sweets? Look at the eskimos? Have you ever heard of an eskimo dying from a heart attack or diabetes? Look at their diet…nothing but high quality animal fats! Hate to break it to you, but Carbs and Sugar are the enemies, and this whole thing about eating more grain and less fat is the cause of obesity. Besides the fact Dr. Oz is an idiot, they should have at least mention that keto is about focusing on high quality fats like salmon, olive oil, butter and cheeses without preservatives vs low quality fats like vegetable oil (which is poison), margarine (again poison), and process meats. Bacon falls in the process meats unless it is made of only pork and salt. People still need to look at the labels and not just eat it because it is keto friendly.

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