The Health Guru Who Eats 5,000 Calories in One Meal & Says He’s Healthy

Health guru and Instagram sensation Blake Horton shares the reasoning behind his extreme intermittent fasting and eating routine, which consists of having one 5,000-calorie meal per day. Find out how he’s eating to lose weight.

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27 thoughts on “The Health Guru Who Eats 5,000 Calories in One Meal & Says He’s Healthy”

  1. I did this back in 2008, really works, eat anything you want once just before bed, in 7 months went from 275 to 155

  2. He works out a ton and he’s not exactly wrong at all about intermittent fasting. Naturally that’s how humans afe

  3. Food companies and big restaurants chains need you to eat multiple meals to buy more and pay more for food

  4. A lot of people like to say this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but I’m here to say he sure as hell does. I’m 15 years old and struggled with obesity for the past couple years. I made the decision I wasn’t going to go into high school being as large as I was, I had almost 0 muscle mass as well. I just wanted to be able to eat whatever i wanted because that’s the hardest part, At my heaviest i was 197 pounds. I started off just eating very small meals and the weight was coming off so slowly it was frustrating and i felt like I was deprived of food 3 months in I was only down to 179 pounds sure that may sound like a lot but it was to slow for me, So to make the weight come off faster i started intermittent fasting and exercising like crazy burning about 3000 calories a day and it felt so great to be able to sit down at the end of the day and eating meals as big as 2000 calories and I’ve gotten benefits from fasting as well I have more energy than I’ve ever had in my entire life and I never feel hungry, And for my favorite part, my weight i’m down to 127 pounds and I’ve never felt better.
    Total weight lost: 70 pounds

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    I lost 60 lbs doing this over the course of a year – never felt better.

  6. Imagine all those CRAZY dietitians for years were telling people to eat small meals every 3 hours. That is as bad as the med community saying that margarine was fine and should replace butter.

  7. Miss Urielle Shakir The SIREN The Siren

    Ah…I don’t think so. My baby Drake’s Black, this Dude’s White–but likely mixed race also. really no such thing as mixed, only light skinned black actually. Perhaps a long long long lost cousin at best. Ha hal. Lol

  8. @Salina’s Diary yes u can drink coffee but just black coffee. no creamer, no added sugar

  9. cats are cute not her but I’m currently doing it. I’ve lost 6.2 pounds in a month, but I’ve also gained 2.3 pounds of muscle in that same month. I haven’t changed anything else in my training… same training

    And yeah it broke my plateau and has made it EXTREMELY easy to count calories. When it’s one – two meals a day, it’s so much easier to count.

    And I really only count to see how much protein, carbs, & fat I’m eating

    But I’ve only recently been counting, like 2 days.

    So I recommend it

    It’s dope, I love eating trash meals and KNOWING it’s in my caloric limit for the day.

  10. Nearly as bad as doctors prescribing insulin or Metformin for pre-diabetics when all they need is less sugar and one meal a day.

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