Surprising Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism

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If your metabolism is sluggish and ineffective, your diet may be to blame! Nutritionist Josh Axe reveals the surprising foods that slow down your metabolism and the metabolism revivers you should eat instead.

32 thoughts on “Surprising Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism”

  1. Dr. Oz Peruvian food should be on this list too because “the best food in the world” is not seasoned with Peruvian Salt and love but MSG called Ajinomoto in Peru.

  2. I do not know how they got this around the censors.  This is the most truthful presentation about nutrition I have seen on national television.  The sponsors must be hoping mad that Dr. Axe is telling the truth.

  3. Dr. Oz has been known for this lately, he’s got some flack for it by the establishment, but yeah somehow he is able to say it.

    meanwhile I just saw NBC news do a story on the “bone broth fad” dismissing its health benefits as non-existent, without even looking into one.

  4. What has your experience been? I dissolved a teaspoon of himalayan pink salt in a small basin of water to soak apples and pears. After a while you would think that all the salt would have melted or dissolved with no residue. To my dismay, I saw sandy reddish and white residue resembling beach sand size grains. I thought that these could be harder salt cystals, but when I took some grains to bite it expecting to get the salt crystal crunch and taste, I discovered to my dismay that it was not at all salt. The residue was sand and other colored reddish non-edible and digestible grains. So beware of bad rock salts. Do the water solubility test to check out what you purchased. I am inclined to think that we are sometimes better off purchasing the mass produced ionized salt because the organic stuff have other undigestible particles that would collect and settle somewhere in our bodies that will be eventually detrimental to our health and well being. Check out your salts at home. How clean are they? Why is everyone singing the same tune of how great natural salts are? Is there any science behind this band wagon?

  5. RockenDokkenlover91

    Salmon, Wild Rice, Yams/Sweet Potatoes, Ezekiel Bread(Sesame), Avocado, fruit and my veggies that’s all I eat and i’ve never felt better in my life.

  6. CONSISTENCY is the key. You can’t eat a lot 3 days a week and eat like a bird 4 days a week and expect to gain weight. Because all the energy from those 3 day binge foods will be burnt to make up for the deficit the rest of the days. You have to constantly overload your body to gain weight

  7. I am amazed to see the products that were rated extremely bad for your health 50 years ago by World Health Orgaanisation are now being introduced back as the best health foods. If you want to increase your Metabolism, another tip is not to eat processed foods. Food cooked at home always keeps your metabolism at optimum required levels.

  8. OMG all these foods are exactly what I eat on a daily. So happy this video was made

  9. Are you trying to put on weight? I would be careful to eat foods that ‘slow down’ your metabolism to accomplish that.

  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these foods; they are all very healthy. It’s the way they are processed that makes them unhealthy. Peanut butter has been promoted for years and NOW all of a sudden it’s a problem?

  11. Gosh! Now I realised why I have put on weight compared to 3, 4 years ago! Cause I have introduced peanut butter into my life! I always wondered why my metabolism is slowed down and I hardly can loose the extra 3 kg! Thanks Dr. OZ , can’t to change my shopping list afterwards.

  12. People should also know putting chili and hot spices in your food will speed up your metabolism.

  13. Four years later and curious to hear the results and if you’re still only eating those things! <3

  14. Troy Tompkins you can google it easily. I really don’t think someone is going to answer you after 4 years.

  15. A doctor I know doesn’t like canola oil because of cholesterol problems. Yep, you guessed it, she uses butter. Still uses canola oil depending on the dish, but only in little amounts. Wishes she could use olive oil more often but it’s expensive around here. Also dislikes peanut butter but likes nutella (and alternatives thereof). Occasionally gets those brown diet grain bread, but those aren’t as common as wholewheat so we pretty much have no choice half the time. Oh and vegetables. Don’t forget them. Don’t want disgusting flavorless broccoli? Then take the time to make salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. Most other dressings are fatty and if you have the worst metabolism, impact will be pretty significant. Cut down on rice too (if you’re Asian). You don’t need the unli rice. Let’s face it you just drench it in sauce to eat it anyway. Sauce is another calorie adder.

    If you want fried foods go for salmon belly, all ye omega 3 and the fish will oil itself so you don’t have to put more oil to fry it.

  16. I bet you are skinny fat with that diet. Sagging skin, looking older , cellulite , slow metabolism , and at risk for cancer.

  17. I’ve found from eating gluten and wheat free cerial pasta and bread has helped me lose a few kgs and helps my ibs. Also reducing dairy eggs chocolate crisps and takeaways helps the body.

  18. I love how everyone cares about loosing weight but no one realises that there are skinny people out here and our metabolism is TOO FAST and we want to slow it down
    Everything theese days is aimed at people burning calories and has theese food with only a finite amount of calories in them it’s soo annoying when you want to actually gain weight but no one cares about that

  19. Whole grains (whole wheat) – do sprouted grains and coconut flour and gluten free instead
    Peanut butter – do almond butter instead
    Canola oil – do grass fed BUTTER instead

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