Simple Life Hacks for a Flatter Belly

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Core expert Chris Powell reveals the best life hacks for a flatter belly.

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13 thoughts on “Simple Life Hacks for a Flatter Belly”

  1. Sooooo….eat well (load up on veggies and protein and decrease the added sugar, carbs, and alcohol intake), sleep well, and work out consistently is all they needed to say….

  2. Heart2HeartBooks

    This guy talks about taking stress down a level…He looks very stressed out! He talks like he is running from a lava flow coming from a volcano eruption!

  3. Why was it ok for that woman to rub Chris’ stomach?? Imagine Dr.Oz reaching over to rub Chris’ wife’s stomach??!!

  4. No one ever recommends watching your favorite comedy, or do something that makes you laugh at least once a day to release stress. Instead, its meditate, yoga, deep breathing which is valid but boring AF!

  5. Queen of the South

    80% diet and 20% exercise will determine your weight loss and body shape. They both are killing it in the gym!!!!

  6. “The ONLY Ab exercise I do.” What about squatting, deadlifting,.. etc. anything that requires you to brace your core…. GOD! I hate how this show plays on ignorance.

  7. Any and everybody who works out should definitely know that 95% of work outs involves your core lol that should be rule #1

  8. Hermione Granger

    I may not have the “perfect” body for a girl but at least I’ll die happy eating my tacos and hot Cheetos.

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