Shilpa Shetty: What I eat in a day | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla | Bollywood | S01E03

We all know that actress Shilpa Shetty is a self confessed fitness freak. So, who better than her to catch up with on yoga day and get her reveal her diet and workout secrets.

From breakfast to lunch and dinner, Shilpa Shetty gave us a low down of what she eats in a day and how she worksout and stays healthy.

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Watch this video as she chats up about fitness, diet and all things healthy.


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22 thoughts on “Shilpa Shetty: What I eat in a day | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla | Bollywood | S01E03”

  1. Sagnika Dance School

    Very accurately shown…!! Being a performer, completely agree with the diet. Thanks for sharing Shilpa..!! Will look forward for more this sort of informative videos..!!

  2. Krista Clementine

    I love how real she is! If I ate all that I would be big but for her body type it works to eat more often.

  3. For people who’re hating on her diet should actually rethink “why are u here too see the diet of a star if it’s too much for u?”

  4. What a beautiful woman! She never ages! I loved her ever since celebrity Big Brother UK. I’m so happy she found her happily ever after with her husband and son!

  5. How can you believe that she is above 50… she doesn’t even seem like she is married and have a son too

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