Safe Ear Wax Removal: The Best Way To Clear Clogged Ears – Dr. Oz: The Best Of Season 12

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Safe Ear Wax Removal: The Best Way To Clear Clogged Ears – Dr. Oz: The Best Of Season 12

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60 thoughts on “Safe Ear Wax Removal: The Best Way To Clear Clogged Ears – Dr. Oz: The Best Of Season 12”

  1. Mostly Peaceful Mister Putin

    You’re supposed to let the peroxide reach room temperature first, if it’s too cold it can cause dizziness/lightheadedness

  2. Randall Wilhelmi

    I was told by my doctor to mix 50/50 peroxide and rubbing alcohol. Let set for about 10 seconds and carefully use a-tip or kleanex to remove wax. Also helps to dry up water build up in ear.

  3. How many people were raised using qtips and now have an obsession with them and just can’t use anything else lol

  4. Real Sans The Skeleton

    Haven’t touched my ears for months, left ear keeps getting filled with earwax (never understood why and it’s irritating af) while my right ear is perfectly fine (just as big of a mystery)

  5. Thanks for the justification! I have been using peroxide to clean out my ears for years and have no hearing loss but I have had medical staff tell me that peroxide damages the fibers in the ear canal and will lead to hearing loss. So glad to know you suggest it.

  6. As a child I always had ear infections even had to get tubes. Anyways I think I am the only person that cannot successfully do this at home. Years ago I had wax drops, it caused the wax just to become impacted further because it turned into a “gummy bear” like plug and I had hearing loss. It’s the most uncomfortable thing that can ever happen. Had to run to the doctor to have them professionally irrigate it out. Guess I didn’t learn my lesson because last night I tried hydrogen peroxide and a water syringe to flush my left ear. Same situation. Had to run to clinic to get it flushed which costed 139$ without insurance. Needless to say, I’m never inserting anything in my ears EVER again. They don’t warn you of this potentially happening. All I see is people saying it works, but safe yourself the risk. It is absolutely NOT fun having muffled hearing and a wax plug you can’t relieve at home.

  7. Scary thing about q- tips is when the tip comes off in your ear, or a defective one has no tip. Will try peroxide instead. TFS

  8. Dr. Oz needs to make a disclaimer. Not realizing my right drum was perforated I used this cleaning method. The pain was unimaginable. I felt pain in my jaw, down my neck, a burning in my throat then, extremely nauseous. I called my ENT once I could compose myself. This method can cause damage. Please! Don’t try this.

  9. FerretsCantGame

    @KRATOS jr⁸¹⁷ you hadn’t talked to me before. And I don’t even think you said anything that bad on this comment thread that I saw lol. You must be replying to the wrong person

  10. Me too, I go to ENT once a year, and in-between time I try to keep the wax at bay with either baby oil or peroxide.

  11. michael devine

    I tried peroxide/alcohol, ear wax syringe, ear drops. And still hearing ringing and clogged ear

  12. I had a clogged ear earlier. Worst thing ever. I used hydrogen peroxide and Luke warm water…I was able to hear within a few minutes. That could have been the reason why I had vertigo so badly when I did! I’m 100% fine now. Just an irritated right ear canal but leaving it alone now.

  13. This worked! I had an ear wax plug in my ear shortly after I had to start wearing earplugs again due to being back in welding. I just did what the video said and now my ear is clear!

  14. Yuzuru Otonashi

    no, listen to the professionals. He is a person who pedals whatever he has to, he isn’t recommending this vecause of scientific accuracy, he just wants money

  15. @DogeyPlays you shouldnt have listen to some random stranger who we don’t know. there is a doctor in the vid……

  16. In my honest opinion, stopping using q-tips is the worst thing you could do. I stopped for a few years because I heard it was “bad” and now I have ear wax build up and both ears clogged. Ugh.

    People don’t understand that you need to constantly (every few weeks) clean up all the wax and dirt outside of your ear hole, so it doesn’t get inside the ear. What you should never do is stick the q-tip very far or inside the ear hole. Just use it to clean all the outside of the ear, up until the hole. Only clean the sides near the hole gently, twisting the q-tip. This is my own opinion, I’m not an expert at all & sorry for my poor English.

  17. Works like a charm, never knew you could unclog your ear with something everyone has in there homes. Thanks a lot Doc.

  18. I’ve randomly had vertigo too! It sucks, it lasts for weeks sometimes. Upon a random third episode of it, I concluded it was due to my ears too. I gotta try this trick.

  19. I found olive oil and using the Q-Grips silicone tool worked really well for my 6 year old. She had moderate hearing loss from the amount of wax in her ear, and our doctor pulled out a ton of wax. I didn’t want to keep going back every few months so we tried the tool. It was hard at first to get the tool in her ear since it is soft, but after using some olive oil both to soften the wax and to help the tool slide into the ear easily it worked like a charm. Here is the video:

  20. I’ve been cleaning my ears and treating ear ache with peroxide for 20 plus years. Glad to see Dr Oz agree with this method.

  21. I use an ear spoon, it works much better than any Q-tip. I can scoop out so much ear wax from my ears.

  22. I have had seven ear operations in my adolescent years and I’m so over it. First my tonsils were removed then adenoids the problem was my ears wouldn’t drain properly everytime I got my hair washed or water would get into my ear or compacted cold air

  23. My sister was continually getting ear infections, until my grandfather recommended “sweet oil”. He said his mother always used it for them when he was little. The thought of putting tubes in my sister’s ears was never heard of again.

  24. @Harold Bubuli , Thank you for asking. ❤️I feel so much better. I went to my GP to get treated, he referred me back to my ENT. I was given antibiotics and finally got back to feeling great.

  25. I didn’t know I had a perforated ear drum. He should have cautioned people. Believe me, don’t ever try this with a perforated ear drum.

  26. **WARNING SHOULD BE MADE ABOUT HYDRO PEROXIDE EAR CLEANING METHOD** if you have a perforated eardrum(hole , rupture or tear in the eardrum) definitely don’t use hydro proxide!! )My ENT(ear nose throat doctor) was shocked my doctor used this method on me, and why it’s not good is my experience because I had this done at right in my doctors office and it was the WORST PAIN I FELT A BURNING THROBBING SENSATION and my hearing was extremely limited for a day because of it , I ended up having my eardrum fixed but that’s how I knew I had a perforated eardrum bc , bc my doctor recommended me to a ENT after my reaction and terrible pain I was in from the hydro peroxide she put in my ear, and if you don’t know you have a perforated eardrum which I didn’t this could happen and you will regret it, I never want to experience that pain again, so my ear was feeling blocked and stuffy so I went to the doctor and she couldn’t see my ear drum bc of the wax so she used this method so she can clear the wax to see my ear, and I got up and was screaming in pain as soon as it was poured in literally ! luckily like I said my ear drum I got surgery to close the hole, but idk if I could ever do it again because I’m so afraid of using this method, I think what’s best is don’t use a tips just go get ear wax removal every 6 months at an ent, which I haven’t gone and now the past week I am having tinnitus and I am feeling my ear being muffled and blocked in the ear I had this fixed2 years ago, so I hope it’s nothing worst than ear wax.

  27. @Alexis , I’m so sorry you also had to go through this. My ENT was also shocked a warning wasn’t given by Dr. Oz. I think this method needs to be thrown out a window. As you know, the pain is beyond description. After experiencing this pain myself, I truly sympathize with you.

  28. I’m listening with one ear it’s happend again second time this year my left ear is blocked must be build up of ear wax again. My doctor told me to heat up some olive oil and drop that in. But I think I will try peroxide

  29. Is it ok to do this multiple times if it doesnt work the first time? my ear feels like it has water in it thats how clogged it is with wax. I barely can hear

  30. jett. (kisseséárth')

    @rayimd what did you do, I can’t hear out of my left bc I pushed ear wax to far in the canal, just curious on how you got it cleaned out

  31. Other natural doctors say the same thing about using it with luke warm water. I don’t recall Dr. Oz stating it but I could be wrong.

  32. @jett. (kisseséárth’) You’re probably gonna need an EMT appointment bro. A brief suction procedure will get it all out instantly, that’s what I did. But I was also diagnosed with eczema, so I have to do it periodically.
    There’s medications you can apply that soften the ear wax but ultimately you’d likely still end up going to the EMT if you want your EAR DRUM unclogged. If you don’t hear anything out of it, it’s likely your eardrum.
    If it’s time that worries you, I had my right ear clogged for 4-5 months. don’t trip.
    if you just wanna avoid ENT’s altogether, idk what to tell you

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