Quick and Easy Home Remedies For Dandruff

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Dr. Oz reveals his fast fixes for dandruff. Learn the quick and easy solutions you can use daily.

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55 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Home Remedies For Dandruff”

  1. Rockinrollin mysoul

    I used to hang out with her, she’s a super sweet person 🙂 It was trippy seeing her on Dr Oz lol

  2. T-300 kasirga

    My scalp has turned white even my hairline has changed colour because of dandruff

  3. I wash my hair with shampoo, rinse and AFTER that 1 pour a bottle mixed with acv and water over my scalp, wait a bit and rinse (first with warm and then with cold water). Really helped me to get rid of dandruff

  4. I just use baking soda but I did a couple days ago and it’s back now I itch my scalp cause its itchy and all white flacks come off and fall everywhere

  5. Arslaan Mahmood He meant like stronger acidic things I’m fairly sure. Hence why he then said to use something like apple cider vinegar.

  6. Rumpel Stiltskin

    Virgil Williams She didn’t write that in a joking way, and divorce isn’t very funny. Marriage is sacred and should be respected.

  7. Rumpel Stiltskin

    Virgil Williams Standing for something does not make a person PC. I’m the farthest from it actually. I won’t “lighten up” on something like this, maybe people should grow up and be serious for once and stop playing around.

  8. Definitely.. her husband is a swine! I would never call my wife that.. I’d try to help her looking for solutions.

  9. mymoody radiostation

    What I know many girls who are just like her. That’s just her personality and don’t forget the culture. Every culture has a way of talking including the body language. Just like Africans have it or Italians or french or etc… You should travel more and look around at people and get to know them. The world isn’t just the 4 walls you daily see.

  10. @CFH GIRL try the Shea Moisture strength and restore shampoo and conditioner. Its has ACV in it as a main ingredient. It works great paired up with this method. I use this method on my unwashed hair then wait 15 mins and wash it with the shea mositure shampoo & conditioner.

  11. You got Bill Cosby’d there probably is a permanent fix out it’s just that it isn’t released because the world is greedy and they wanna keep on making money from useless products

  12. @SjSouthBay408 well you only supposed to use like a tablespoon of AVC and mix it with a cup of water, I’ve done it before it doesn’t make my hair smell but it didn’t seem to help with dandruff

  13. I have tried apple cider vinegar mixed with a cup of water. I then rinse my scalp and wait for 2 minutes and wash it off. It helps A LOT. I got rid of this for a whole 6 months and got it back later.

  14. @Violet soul So how did you get rid of your dandruff then? I need help to get rid of this god damn dandruff. Best regards

  15. Britney Francisco

    @Spicy Reviews I’m so sorry maybe shake your head with your hands in the sink. Some may come off

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