Natural Solutions for Acid Reflux

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Acid reflux affects millions of Americans, and new research suggests medications may be secretly doing you harm. Learn how melatonin, licorice and baking soda can naturally soothe acid reflux.

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  1. For those of you who suffer from acid reflux- does it ever cause you to throw up? I have randomly vomited every few months for a couple of years now but the last couple of days I have thrown up multiple times- hours after eating and is accompanied by heart burn/indigestion. Has anyone had the same experience?

  2. I started eating healthy, cut back the coffee, cut out soda, and my acid reflux went away completely after 1 – 2 days. I used to have a burning sensation in my throat and stomach all day, everyday, but now it is total relief. The solutions in this video are only really for people with chronic non diet related acid reflux, or those who just want to keep their current diet and cover the symptoms up

  3. The melatonin and the liquorice may work.

    The baking soda will make it worse long term, because alkalinity actually OPENS the sphincter at the top of the stomach. I know this from research and personal experience. Drinking too much baking soda for other health issues gave me almost instantaneous acid reflux for a few days. I also know that my sister has been trying the traditional methods of treatment for years (of which one is baking soda) with no cure. All the baking soda will do is soothe the esophagus temporarily. It would be great if you could prevent it from getting into the stomach somehow, but it gets in and increases stomach alkalinity. In the end, the acid always strikes back because the sphincter stays open.

    So the solution is actually (seemingly counter-intuitively) INCREASING your stomach acid over a period of time. This will close the stomach sphincter. Many people have success with small amounts of apple cider vinegar. The main problem with it though is that you have to drink it, which will acidify the esophagus before it hits the stomach. May not be appropriate in extreme cases.

    You can also try a HCL supplement. Also bitter foods (which is one reason the liquorice may work), digestive enzymes, b vitamins, certain probiotics.

  4. Some people dont understand the mental side affects of acid reflux, especially when you have it for weeks. It makes you want to die, anything is better than burning from the inside out. And before I get the bitchy comment “stop complaining its not cancer”
    Ive broken bones before, and acid reflux, is both physically and mentally painful.

  5. acid reflux is caused by stomach ph being more alkaline than acidic… to be blunt acid reflux is actually caused by NOT HAVING ENOUGH stomach acid, since there is not enough acid the food is not broken down properly and the esophagus fails to close completely causing acid reflux… and what do doctors perscribe for it?? ….. antiacids….. think about that for a minute… you’re experiencing all of this pain due to low stomach acid and now on top of that you’re taking stomach acid reducing medication… well now u feel better because the medication basically brought your stomach acid content down to zero, and obviously acid reflux can not occur unless there is atleast some acid. the problem is you’re only patching the tire instead of changing it… it will come back again and again guaranteed. so now that you’ve sat and read all that, how do you fix it?

    well first it’s important to figure out weather its acid reflux forsure because it could actually be an ulcer… to test this eat something. if you feel worse after eating its acid reflux, if eating makes you feel better u may actually have an ulcer.

    back to the acid reflux, heres what to do.

    1. drink 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar with some water 10 minutes BEFORE EATING… the acid in the acv will help break down the food and the esophagus will be more likely to close properly… make sure to do this before eating! taking a shot of acv by itself with no food could actually make it worse… remember your symptoms are caused by LOW stomach acid, the purpose of the acv is to give your stomach acids a boost in the process of breaking down food so if you’re not going to eat anything it defeats the purpose of drinking the acv…

    2. lower your carbohydrate intake!! one of the main causes of acid reflux is the built up pressure in the stomach due to partially digested CARBOHYDRATES… stop eating sweets for a while, give your stomach time to rebulid and renew itself before u go shoveling donuts and cookies back into it… try a low carb diet just for a few days, maybe even just through the weekend. treat your stomach right and your stomach might just fix itself!

    why fasting? because fasting actually puts your body into rebuild mode… it improves brain cognitivity, recycles and rebulids damaged cells in the body, lowers grelin (hunger hormone) and raises hgh (growth hormone)… intermittent fasting basically gives your whole body a cleansing inside and out… and also the most common sense reason out of all of the reasons, eating less. less food = less irritation on your stomach…

    I myself had bad acid reflux after every meal. i corrected my acid reflux in 1 week by doing the keto diet and intermittent fasting along with drinking apple cider vinegar before each meal… while i was doing the keto/fasting i noticed there was no heartburn at all, even after a huge meal… this was because i cut the carbs out and gave my stomach time to renew itself! today i can eat pasta, cake, burgers, pizza, and even spicy food with no heartburn… of course i eat all this junk in moderation, too much of it can easily put your stomach back on the path of destruction…

    i recommend watching some of dr. eric berg’s videos on this subject.

  6. I recently developed acid reflux and I have been having it for 3 months already. My doctor did the whole camera surgery and told me the same thing that nothing is wrong. He prescribed me protonix 40mg tablet. They were working ok for a month but I still couldn’t drink or eat the way I wanted. And now I feel like the prescription is not working at all because I began to vomit a little bit again after I eat. I stopped taking them and began taking Dramamine which is just a medicine you can get at any drugstore to prevent vomiting . It’s been working ok but I know it’s not going to help me get better.I really feel helpless at this point. Iv been eating healthy for about a month and a half but I don’t feel like I’m getting better

  7. Mine is just burning on random nights I sleep. Partly due to throat surgery to fix a swallowing disorder (bottom valve stopped moving and blocked most of my opening to my stomach. Surgery sewed the valve to the side of my throat and then some stomach moved up to sew over top to prevent daily acid reflux). Used to get the burning into my ears before my swallowing disorder and only had Crohn’s. Zantac worked then, but not for simple annoying throat burn that wakes me up. Gaviscon tablets sometimes works and same with Pepto. Neither worked this past night. I downed 2 bottles of aloe vera juice and finally after 3 hours of coughing and throwing up a bit (once) I could get to sleep. Now having camomile tea with breakfast to help some more. Mine is not food related.

  8. For stomach problems just boil some potatoes. Potatoes work as a sponge that gets the extra acid and calms the stomach. There are pills made of coil, are black and work to reduce acidity. Very good if you have diarhea too. The coil and boil potato are the two best options I can think of when comes to stomach problems.

  9. Hi Dr Oz. There is another natural common food item that is very effective and very fast and gets rid of acid reflux… yellow mustard. It works because in my research we need a certain of acid to digest our food. If don’t have enough, the food sits too long in the stomach. I have done this many times and it works every time and in seconds. Mustard is tumeric, vinegar and low level of sodium that’s it. Next time you get acid reflux, take one teaspoon of yellow mustard and see.

  10. Acid reflux can also give shortness of breath because so of the gas gets stuck in your lungs and it takes long for it to leave your chest area

  11. 1. banana for protection
    2. coconut for ph control
    3. low carb diet for low acid
    4. more water to dilute acid

  12. He’s right about the asthma being misdiagnosed. I always had trouble breathing during sports when I was younger and it would feel like I couldn’t get a breath in. Everyone always thought I was just overweight and out of shape but I would tell them that it feels like I’m breathing through a straw and if I didn’t take a break I would get very light headed and even lose vision. We went to an asthma specialist and he diagnosed me with reflux and said I didn’t have asthma at all. Apparently when acid starts coming up, your airway will close so you don’t get stomach contents into your lungs and therefore you can’t get a breath in. I’m looking for natural remedies now as the omeprazole I’ve been taking for years seems to be causing hair thinning issues.

  13. @Monie hey.. I don’t know if you’re still having your acid reflux.. But i tell you, my case is prob’ly worst than yours i even vomitted blood coz of it, went to hospital two times and still doesn’t do anything good.. But I’ve found this baking soda treatment.. Man oh man it works like a magic as soon as you drink it 1/2 tbsp mix it with a glass of water.. Trust me I’ve never been so relieved before…

  14. I’ve found success for LPR with using melatonin and DGL licorice as suggested, although taking the melatonin at bedtime instead of 2 hours before worked better for me. The baking soda I’ve had to be careful about as it’s very high in sodium and may have caused or contributed to heart palpitations for me. Dr. Oz is recommending 1 tablespoon of baking soda dissolved in water. 1 tablespoon of baking soda is far too much due to it’s incredible sodium content!!! The back of my baking soda box (Bob’s Red Mill premium quality) says that 1/4 teaspoon has 280 mg of sodium or 12% of your daily intake. That would mean that 1 teaspoon has 4 times that amount, 1.120 mg sodium, equal to 48% of your daily sodium intake. Since there are 3 teaspoons to a tablespoon, you will consume 3,360 mg of sodium, 144% of your daily sodium intake, if you follow the advice in this video….and that’s for one serving!!! Conventional baking soda like Arm and Hammer has even more sodium!! A google search of the sodium level of 1 tablespoon baking soda listed 3, 777 mg!!! This could seriously impact your health. Please be careful!!! God bless you all, reflux sufferers. I have been in your shoes!!! All my best!!!

  15. I had diarrhea for a month after which I started having reflux. Some time after I started avoiding dairy and symptoms did improve. I would not say it is best but it did help me to avoid discomfort by large.

  16. I had total syncope with really frightening black out three times over about 9 days and each time after eating last bite/last spoonful of food.
    I had had GERD for some years that I know know is CAFFEINE ALLERGY that gave mea stinging pain either side of my throat before the usual acid reflux started. The stinging started immediately after usual light breakfast of slice of bread or toast with butter and usually some jam or marmalade.
    During rest of day the GERD was slight and if worse I took antacid.
    Then I started getting a pain at bedtime when lying on left side and had to turn over onto right that made the pain almost disappear.
    If I turned back left i almost heard and felt a heaviness sort of slopping over as though my esophagus was filled with food or drink that had not progressed down into my stomach over the 1-2 hours since last meal or drink. I wondered if the lower lower esophageal sphincter LES was not opening to allow the last meal to pass into the stomach.
    This went on for several weeks at the time had first COVID lockdown made it impossible to get doctors appointment.
    Then I had the first of the three syncopes and finally managed to call a doctor who immediately said it sounded as though I might have a esophageal cancer and arranged an endoscopy.
    That took a month due to COVID delays.
    I only had a drink of water several hours before the endoscopy and was surprised to see enting esophagus, stomach and first few inches of small intestine looked healthy and pink and the doctor said no sign of cancer or other problems.
    Just after the endoscopy I noticed I had the pains in throat and reflux after a breakfast of tea and a rye crispbread. I reasoned that the rye was so innocuous that maybe the tea was the culprit though as I’d been drinking tea for at least 70 years it seemed ridiculous.
    But I searched the medical literature and found that a caffeine allergy can develop and give reflux.
    I immediately stopped drinking tea and bought and drank decaf coffee and almost all the gerd has disappeared except for a slight sore throat if I make the coffee a little strong. I mostly drink water and soya or almond milks and cow’s milk and only two weak decaf coffees a day.
    Therefore I think this is what happens with GERD-SYNCOPE is actually a SPHINCTER PARALYSIS.
    The caffeine induces GERD.
    The GERD irritates the esophagus and LES.
    Eventually the GERD irritation causes the LES to fail to open so that the last meal remains in the esophagus to give that feeling of food at the back of the throat.
    At some point after this LES paralysis develops a meal will so fill the esophagus that it causes pressure on the adjacent windpipe sufficient enough to starve the lungs of oxygen,
    The lack of oxygen then starves the brain and causes the SYNCOPE BLACKOUT!
    The syncope causes a self-preservation reflex of deep swallowing and deep breathing that restores the oxygen supply to the brain.
    As I now eliminate all caffeine and GERD inducing food from my diet by carefully checking ingredients of all food and drink I have little GERD and no sensation of esophagus being filled with unpassed food.

  17. Dwight Pettegrove

    You’re spot on regarding the amount of baking soda to water. Not to mention, I don’t know who would actually drink such a large amount of baking soda lol. I’ve used baking soda, or soda water many times. I make it as you mentioned. Thing is, if you have alot of acid in your stomach, eventually the soda water will cause more harm than good because of the immediate react of alkaline to acid in the stomach. I would give the 3 mg of melatonin and licorice a try.

  18. Trevor Mckenzie

    I never knew acid reflux can make you feel like you’re about to die, i layed down for a second immediately after eating and the i felt the acid get to my vocal cord and it started burning. I immediately got up and it felt like a knot was in my throat. Soon there after i felt pressure on my chest and got a little light headed, thought i was having a heart attack, but my esophagus was inflamed and it was making it hard for me to breath. The whole situation was scary, im not very old, but see i need to make some changes now.

  19. Be carefully for licorice supplement…because it is also give me high bp and heart palpitation. Licorice powder is responsible for out of potassium in body

    I m suffered high bp and heart palpitation. But now i m free from high bp without medicine

  20. Hi, I’ve been dealing with vertigo for 2 months as a result of acid reflux. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to make this go away? It started off with serious head pressure, ear popping, fluid in my ear, migraines and vertigo. I still get occasional migraines but, the vertigo hasn’t left.

  21. thank you! having a bad flare up. will try this. yes my mom said to skip on the baking soda lol

  22. I don’t WANT to die that’s my thing. I’m in my early 20s. But it does make me feel like I AM ABOUT to die.

  23. @sakshi gill unfortunately, no. I believe I have GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) I’ve had issues ever since I can remember for my whole life. I’m planning on finding a gastroenterologist to maybe do a scope procedure to see what’s really going on in there. My guess, though I’m not sure, is that my stomach sphincter is defective and doesn’t close properly, allowing the stomach acid back up through my esophagus. And by taking omeprazole I am only reducing the acid that is being produced so there’s not any excess to be refluxed. It’s only putting a bandaid over the issue and not fixing the root problem. If I stop taking omeprazole even for a day the reflux is unbearable, even with low acidic foods. I hope you can find a remedy that works well for you.

  24. @Stephanie G i hope you also get well soon❤️
    Do you feel anxiety? Anxiety also triggers gerd

  25. Healing With Jas

    I get shortness of breath from reflux. So scary! Been to the ER four times in one year because of it. Thought I had asthma but my lung function test said otherwise.

  26. @carmen argueta I actually fixed the problem by changing my diet and daily light exercise, it took about two months. I get small flare-ups when i eat triggers (acidic) foods or condiments.
    One of the things that was harming me was condiments, i used ketchup, bbq sauce and tomato sauce a lot. Had to cut them out totally.

  27. @AH been without my omperazole for two days, up feeling horrible just called in a refill and chewed some tums I have a little relief

  28. Never lay down right after eating….Never eat just before bed….leave at least 2-3 if not longer in between..when sleeping try laying on your left side

  29. Hair thinning is from iron deficiency. PPI’s like omeprazole cause or worsen iron deficiency as low stomach acid reduces iron absorption. On top of that, gastrointestinal inflammation means even more iron deficiency, worse still if there’s some blood loss. It can progress to anemia. Common symptom is hair loss/thinning. Look up liposomal iron supplements, (this is the new, highest absorption form which is best oral option with low to zero side-effects, unlike the problematic older iron forms). Take vitamin C at the same time and with iron-rich food, red meat has best iron content by a long way. Vit C increases iron absorption. A bout of Covid19 (or any inflammation illnesss really) will also deplete your iron. Doctors should be monitoring their PPI patients’ iron levels, especially women, but they often fail to do this.

  30. kiberenigest sebez

    i think you miss the point acid reflux is not about having too much acid. the problem is what ever amount of acid there in your stomach it go up to the esophagus. this is because, the gate between your stomach and esophagus is opened or not closed enough to prevent up ward acid travel

  31. @Tiffany Hollywood Hello! Never thought I’d come back to this video it’s been 3 years haha, but in all seriousness I did get better! My family decided to take me to the doctor and the doctors took an x-ray of my stomach to see if anything was happening or wrong inside my stomach and well… my stomach was literally filled with feces. If I remember correctly, the doctor said the reason for my acid reflux was because my stomach was so filled with feces that it was hard to keep anything down. I was just really constipated to the point food/liquid couldn’t stay down in my stomach. I was actually going through an eating disorder so that really messed a lot of things up in my stomach. Sorry if this doesn’t help, I just thought I’d give you a response 🙂

  32. kiberenigest sebez

    @Debbie C
    What dr Oz recommended will stop the acid reflux, I am telling you from experience .

    acid reflux which is the up ward movement of stomach acid from belly to the throat. to control this issue use melatonin 3mg tab. How you should use the melatonin?

    …….Put the melatonin under your tongue. In few days , the reflux will subside and then stop.

    … Don’t swallow the melatonin, and you don’t chew it either, as the stomach acid destroy melatonin.

    ………. about 1, to 2 hrs before going to bed, for 30 days put the melatonin under your tongue , let it dissolve there and get absorbed into your system . Note: don’t stop taking the melatonin though you feel the reflux is gone.

    …….as you take the melatonin , concurrently, stop eating , processed foods i.e cornflakes, pasta, rice .
    ……Stop eating seeds and nuts i.e. peanuts etc.
    …stop sugary staff like cake, cookies, stop spicey foods like potato chips, greasy, foods.
    ……stop salt for a while.
    ……. Stop consuming hot or cold coffee
    …..stop ice or hot tea. Stop all kinds of sodas i.e Pepsi, cocacola ginger ale etc.
    ….Don’t drink alcohols, or beers.
    …..Don’t consume citric fruits,pineapple ,lemon, apple, etc
    ……..avoided banana and eggs too ,these are bad.
    ……dont eat full stomach, eat 3 hours before bed.

    …..with the life style adjustment, along with the melatonin, You will see a huge difference in first days, in subsequent days , the reflux issue will disappear.

    At this time , dont be off guard and dont stop taking the melatonin. Take the melatonin every night for full 30 days.

    …….for the other problem: the gastritis, and stomach ulcer issues, everyday on empty stomach drink 1 or 1and half glass of celery juice . Note: 1-don’t put sugar honey in it or don’t mix the celery with any other staff. Make it plane straight celery juice. 2- if you can buy the organic celery.

    You know now what not to eat and what not to drink. Before you eat, chew DGL Licorice root which comes as tablet form and it is 400mg . This dgl licorice 400mg tab prevent stomach irritation, thus facilitate the healing of the stomach.

    …… are you living in a cold place or in the temperate zone where sun shine is scarce?
    … you feel much better in summer and feel worse or get sick in winter?
    ……. strongly, I suspect having a sunshine adequately or not or temperature drop linked with these issues.
    I hope you reply to both questions.

  33. I was on 20mg Omeprazole for years for what I thought was heartburn caused by excess stomach acid (its not)….but was concerned by long term use. I did my own research and found that long term use (as stated in the vid) is linked towards causing dementia and vit b12 deficiency. I found that a tea spoon of baking powder, mixed with water and a capful of apple cider vinegar gives almost instant relief.

  34. Yes I watch Dr. Berg too and the organic apple cider vinegar with the mother (cloudy) works and he says 2 tbsp per one cup of water and drink with straw. I do it every few days now after two weeks straight.

  35. Watch dr. Eric. Berg on YouTube, go to his channel and search for his videos on stomach problems or reflux. Restoring the ph by increasing the acidity will fix allot of the stomach and reflux issues. He says to try one to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with the mother which is basically just a cloudy stuff in one cup of cold water and drink it with a straw. He says it can take a couple weeks or a few months of daily doses before you eat a meal but for me the results have been amazing I’ve completely come off of a oMeprazole. I had bad burning in my stomach reflux Gerd which was also causing asthma a lot of mucus in my throat, heart palpitations/flutters. It’s all stopped now. I’ve reached a point where I don’t even have to do daily apple cider vinegar I just do it a few times every couple of weeks.

  36. be careful with that advise though, because if a person has a hiatal hernia then taking vinegar will never close the sphincter. I see a lot of people saying this without thinking what may causing the acid going up. If you have an hernia then vinegar will make the symptoms worse

  37. Healing With Jas

    @R0ST4M it’s the whole day everyday! But only when I have flare ups.. otherwise it’s manageable. Diet is the biggest thing

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