Jordan Peterson : The Exclusive Uncut Interview

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– Jordan Peterson : The Exclusive Uncut Interview

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43 thoughts on “Jordan Peterson : The Exclusive Uncut Interview”

  1. This man is one of the main reasons why my paradigm changed. Went from doing uber and living in the hood with my mom’s at 26 to getting my own spot, and a decent career going at 27. I cried listening to his lectures sometimes because I knew what he was saying was true.. He’ll always have a place in my heart.

  2. Peterson got me out of depression. Anyone who has struggled with mental health knows how priceless that is. So thanks JP. Also, I’m a girl and I watch his lectures. Just wanna say that cuz ‘mainly men’ seems to be a thing… but I’m a woman. There’s girls here too. (:

  3. Growing up I always wondered why we never had modern minds like Aristotle or Socrates… I believe this man is our great philosopher I honestly feel like in a 100 years Jordan Peterson will be immortalized as one of the greatest minds of our time and I’m so glad to be alive, experiencing it

  4. I never imagined it’d be Dr. Oz who’d provide Peterson with a platform in which he’s allowed to speak without being constantly attacked by biased dogma. This is a great set of interviews. I really liked Dr. Oz’s approach, and that you can see the awe and interest in his face when having these discussions.

  5. Jordan Peterson has helped guide me to change my life in ways I can’t begin to describe. You will never see this Jordan but the universe will. Thank you Dr. Peterson, more than you can ever know.

  6. Props to Dr. Oz for the great questions and letting Jordan go on and fully explain himself without being interrupted or having his words twisted.

  7. This man is brilliant, relevant, and makes so much sense on so many levels. Thank you Dr. Oz + team for this uncut interview. I enjoyed the whole 5:59:14 second interview, took notes, and shared it with people who would be open minded enough to give it a listen.

  8. I’m going to start telling my suicidal patients to start watching this specific interview. So many of them are steeped in a cycle of failure and self worth and loathing. What I like about JP is he is not some guru or cult persona, he’s just dropping insight and logic; that’s it.

  9. I’m so glad Dr Peterson FINALLY got an interviewer who treated him with the dignity he deserves instead of eternally casting his pearls before swine. This poor guy has SO much to teach us and it is a tragedy that so many little minds who enjoy the sound of their own voices have tried to mock and frustrate him. So grateful to be able to listen to Peterson at his best! Thank you! ❤️

  10. I can’t even put into words how interesting talks like these are, and how necessary they are for our society. These are the types of principles and knowledge that should be taught in schools.

  11. GED graduate here. I’m convinced regardless of my education, I will always keep learning until I can articulate my thoughts the way Jordan Peterson does. Just absolutely flawless in letting his thoughts flow in such a complex yet simplistic manner. Never stop learning.

  12. Two professionals having a racional, intelligent and respectful conversation. It is so refreshing to see doctor OZ allowing Prof. Jordan Peterson expressing his philosophy and beliefs without interrupting him. Dr. Oz is a great human being and I hope they became friends after this interview. ❤️

  13. I went back to school to finish up my degree and it’s because of this man. I’m 43 and while far from healed, I see hope. Thank you so very much DR. peterson!

  14. Jordan Peterson is very helpful, motivating, and genuine good man.
    He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

  15. A wonderful teacher, he couldn’t have come at a better time, when we need words of wisdom from such a learned man, thank you Jordan!

  16. I really agree about guiding one’s children toward being self-responsible. I lost my 2 sons due to stupid accidents that could have been prevented had they been more responsible about the choices they made even as young teenagers. As a parent I failed to teach them that, but I learned that telling other parents about the need for that teaching is something positive I can do instead of wallowing in grief.

  17. I LOVE THIS MAN. It’s so rare these days that we hear someone so earnestly and sincerely trying to help us improve ourselves for ourselves.

  18. I’m older now, early 60’s. I didn’t have this man’s ideas when I was growing up. Life wasn’t easy (it isn’t for most of us either) but I found that using truth, taking responsibility for myself, and shouldering more and more responsibility worked wonders in my life. And then a few years ago I ran into Dr. Peterson’s lectures. I was captured, captivated. Not because what he said hit me as truth, but that somehow I had stumbled into those truths on my own. And yet I could not have put the words to those truths. I don’t have the intelligence or the wisdom that he has to put words to those thoughts. Those actions. My work life is now retirement, yet not pulling back on responsibility. Life continues, and yes, life can be hard. Face that and you master that.

  19. I am speechless. God Bless you. Thank you for taking this grief and trying to effect the community in such a positive way. Hugs to you.

  20. Agree, the media just like to portray him as a chauvinist. But like you if, you ignore that and listen to him he really has something worth hearing. I love him also.

  21. I think Dr. Oz is probably relieved to give Dr. Peterson a platform because I’m sure Dr. Oz has wanted to say many of these things openly, but can’t. This gives him a chance to validate the man he is, without taking the heat that JP is getting for directly making these statements.

  22. YOOOSH Gaming RL

    “This man has become the father to a fatherless generation.”
    I quote this because I didn’t come up with this comment myself but it’s one that I have seen on another video of JP that has resonated with me the most.

  23. The greatest Teacher that ever lived was Jesus. Don’t forget that. He is wise but remember that Jesus came from a humble background, and NEVER studied with scholars; or philosophers yet here he was teaching the the supposedly most intelligent people on earth. His teachings came from God and he gave God all the credit praise and honor to him and him alone.

  24. @Hamo Alblo this isn’t about your beliefs in Christ. This is not the place for confrontation or belittling another’s voice.

  25. casey clark Hardiman

    @Stephen Rushing I agree, with my entire heart and soul, and I also appreciate your particular word choices.. “words of tempered optimism”.. that was lovely. Powerful. Accurate.

    To listen and watch to Jordan Peterson is an unforgettable and monumental moment in life. His authenticity elevates his ideas to something that cannot be ignored nor dismissed. Hundreds of years from now, He will be remembered alongside the greatest thinkers of all time. He is so incredibly special and undeniably important.. He is also uniquely memorable among his contemporaries (past and present) for his unapologetic vulnerability and passion. I promise you, all of you, that we are BLESSED to be alive at the same time as this man. His theories, approach, and philosophies will be studied for thousands of years, if not longer.

  26. casey clark Hardiman

    @blackswan1983 love your YouTube name ❤️ How are you doing now, a year later? Can’t really explain why exactly, but your comment stuck on me and compelled me to reach out. Strange because it was such a short comment, but still.. I find myself caring about your well-being. How does life find you these days? A year later?

  27. casey clark Hardiman

    @Eric Bogar wow. That is intense. Love to know that you are happily married now with your own family! ❤️

  28. casey clark Hardiman

    @Barb Smart your reaching out like that was incredibly kind and very obviously authentic and thoughtful. I appreciate your effort made, I really do. ❤️

  29. @Kristine Neufeldt I believe it. I’ve seen it effect several people those way. I always have a family member that caused high blood pressure. As soon as she stopped totally after tapering her high blood pressure leveled out and so did much of her severe depression and her mood swings.

  30. @Nanof Urbiznis The committee when pressed in this they say “we use the prize also to encourage the winners to do good” except it gets used for propaganda purposes. I think some people get really rich when handing those prizes.

  31. Janice Chobaniuk

    @Rickesh Patel He is very highly educated if not in school in his own journey searching for truth. Very well read all sided of the spiritual and political spectrum. I find that part of his talks the most interesting.

  32. Janice Chobaniuk

    @Hamo Alblo But he did study Jesus I mean he was very learned in his time so learned in fact that he amazed people because he spoke with authority not like the teachers in Roman Palestine at the time he lived. Yes I am sure he had great insight from his heavenly fahter through the Holy Spirit but he spent lots of time preparing for his public ministry and often when he was getting famous to get alone and seek truth.

  33. Janice Chobaniuk

    @The Bee I am not a fan of Oz either but this was a good interview. IMHO

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