How to Lose Weight in Just One Week

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Core expert and fitness trainer Chris Powell explains how weight loss is possible in just one week.

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41 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight in Just One Week”

  1. GeminiLotus♊️

    This video should be titled how to lose water weight in one week. I really wish people would stop peddling lies about the health industry to people who are so desperate to lose weight it’s not fair.

  2. Mike and Nikki

    I started doing this 3 days ago and believe me .my stomach is so small. I lost 2 inches in 3 days.

  3. Nonnof Yobiznes

    Nothing beats keto, NOTHING. Nothing comes even close… It’s not even A diet, it’s THE living style. Lost 20 lbs in a month.

  4. Darryl Le Roux

    About 10lbs of that is water weight, even more if you have been indulging in processed foods. I lost 18lbs on carbohydrates, proteins and fat in my first month, with less water weight than a KETO/LCHF diet would. And not just me, but 99% of people who clean their diet and are regimental with their choices.

  5. Manal Khalique

    Not everybody can keep eye for carbs all the time. U go out have dinner lunch u can’t b keto all the time. Not sustainable

  6. Manal Khalique

    @fasting lifestyle That’s good to know u can do what u want to easily 🙂 I don’t think here in Pakistan that would be possible. To have keto something on every menu. Also something that I actually like. That actually takes away the fun. Anyway here We live with our parents for most part of our lives. we eat together so not quite possible to be picky about it that’s why I said not sustainable for me.. can’t have it as a lifetime choice..

  7. Who cares? They’ll look better and fit their clothes better. Who cares if it’s water. And if they do it for another week they’ll loose fat too.

  8. @fasting lifestyle I started fasting yesterday. Today is day 2. I will do it for 5 days to reach my weight goal for this week.

  9. I eat oatmeal for breakfast, a plate of fruits your choice for lunch, salad and oatmeal for dinner I lost 10 lbs in 10 days, now Iam 110 lbs,

  10. OMG? like your surprised? Or it’s so damn ridiculous because these guys are idiots?

  11. Der Wahnsinnige

    no worry it comes back, if you do what theys guys say you will go straight in a jojo effect 😉 that guys dont know nothing about losing weight ! its 100% bullshit

  12. Veronika Quintana

    @AREK THE KING SECONDARY ACCOUNT 2K16 did you know you can eat everyday and still lose weight? I do it all the time. I eat tons of carbs and fat and my weight is the lowest it’s every been!

  13. Why doesn’t Dr. Oz also tell you that fat weight IS water weight? He wants to say fat weight and water weight like they’re different. It’s all water. What he’s not saying is that we’re about 60% water. The rest is muscle, bone, connective tissue, ligaments etc. What he NEEDS to be telling you is that certain foods cause inflammation. If you’re eating those foods every day, eventually the cells that works like sponges aka FAT cells will absorb the excess inflammation. So basically to sum up everything that Dr. Oz and dude-man here is saying is: EAT AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET. It’s that easy. I’ve gone back and watched Oz’s other weight loss videos and what the guests ate to lose that weight. Guess what? They’re basically eating KETO or PALEO.

  14. @Veronika Quintana I’m 5’0″… 110 is underweight. Doctor’s say my weight should be 120-130

  15. Mike Folkestad

    1 common sense 2 eat right 3 exercise that’s all you really need to know

  16. i have always love eating and that made me lose weight super hard, tried a lot of diets and exercises along with it, but what made it possible was agoge diet. it changed my life. its always about the right diet for u

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