How to Lose Weight and Get More Energy in 15 Days

Author Naomi Whittel explains how intermittent fasting and protein cycling work in the 15-day plan to reset your body. Find out what you can eat on low-protein days, where protein intake is limited to 25 grams.

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  1. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for 4 to 5 weeks and one meal a day and cup of caffeine in the morning. Lost 17 lbs, almost forgot no sugar or carb. By the way fasting was as old as the Bible and Ramadan. This is nothing new, but it’s what is going just now.

  2. Frankie Fernandez

    Intermittent fasting is the fastest, easiest, cheapest, healthiest and most sustainable way to lose weight and stay lean. If you combine with keto your weight loss is unbelievable.

  3. I just realized that I do this already. I wake up at 6:20 am for school. I skip breakfast, because I’m not a breakfast person. Then I have lunch at 1 which is between noon and 8 pm. I later eat dinner at home around 6-7.

  4. Just cut the amount you eat by half, or skip a meal, or fast 1-2 days a week… basically just eat less and low carbs for a month and you’ll get the result. Exercise helps maximise weight loss, but it’s only 10-15%, and that’s 2 hours of high intensity workout everyday. Don’t waste your time jogging slowly in the park for 30 mins because it doesn’t help you lose weight (still good for your health and heart rate though). Jogging 2-3 miles burns about 200-300 calories, that’s one slice of pizza. Or you can just not eat that slice of pizza. Your metabolism burns 80% of the calories, if you eat less, it has to burn the excess fat for fuel.

    You need to stop snacking too. The digestive system needs a long rest after your last meal. That’s not gonna happen if you eat every few hours. If you keep adding food while your body isn’t done processing your last meal, it’s obvious that you’ll gain weight. Eat your 2-3 meals in a 8-9 hour window, and let your system rest. And remember, no sugar. That means soft drink, cookie, cake, chocolate etc…

    In short, changing your eating habits will help you lose weight incredibly fast. Make it your lifestyle, you won’t have to worry about gaining weight anymore, and you still can eat what you love.

  5. when you got into the wrong side of youtube because your eating fatty stuff…
    and then you feel bad for your self and cry?
    or is that just me?

  6. n: t AA n - y uh Ms. Tanya

    SreyKmao La aw I’m vegan and keto vegan is my next thing. I’m intermittent fasting for 16/8 and weight is falling off quickly. I too was injured (work injury) so working out isn’t something I can do. Right now I eat a lot of potatoes (bland so not bad), veggies, fruit, and nothing fried but I want to take it to the next level. I’m nervous about the thing called keto flu..did u experience that?

  7. I’ve tried Keto, Atkins Diet, counting calories… i would say that all diet plans works IF ONLY your demanded lifestyle allows it. Counting calories, packing food for the week, and eating container meal every day isn’t suitable for my social lifestyle. My work also demands me to meet client on the day basis. I couldn’t implement the plans and hence all failed. Keto demanded changes too and eventually that didn’t work out either. I eventually lose my 50+ pounds overweight to a simple routine consecutively for 2 weeks by 2 weeks. Remember guys, try replacing all the food with lots of sauce, seems sugary and nice, but you know its not natural and unhealthy. I’m now healthy, feeling fresh and fit, clean and most importantly, confident in myself. All the best to everyone losing weight!

  8. Ardath Curd How did you lose that? Mind sharing the routine? The video talk nothing on that.

  9. Weightwatchergirl1

    SreyKmao La aw Exactly, the rule used to be that breakfast was the most important meal of the day or your body goes into starvation mode. I never believed that was true because I lost over 100 pounds having coffee for breakfast.

  10. Yah Gurl KaeKae

    Somewhat same, except sometimes I eat breakfast if I have time and dinner at around 8:30 9pm

  11. Brandon Goggins

    Easy low prep low calorie smoothie.

    Step1: get a cup
    Step2: fill it half way with ice
    Step3: fill cup with water
    Step4: sprinkle a bit of air for flavor (optional)
    Step5: enjoy your yummy healthy smoothie

  12. This is very ancient and an integral part of Santana Dharm. Our Saints used to fast for more than a month or so without any fuss.

  13. helped me speed up my weight loss drastically after the first couple of days

  14. I have a question I’m a college student and I don’t eat in the morning but I drink water and eat by 12 and also drink water and eat by 9 in the evening is that okay?

  15. Beatrice washuka

    @Lionel X I get what you are saying totally, like this is everything I have done in the past, I have had breakfast, a heavy one sometimes, green tea, lunch at 4 pm…which was mostly beans or fish, and I was okay with my weight. I had a baby and now I want to lose all this weight and skipping breakfast scares me.

  16. @Lionel X You’ve been socially conditioned to think that you need breakfast. You don’t. Your body has enough fat stores to make it thru to lunch. I do a 224 OMAD. One Meal a Day. I get all of my calories in a 4 hour window, so I can let my body rest. That’s important.

  17. Yes it’s true breakfast is important meal of day. If you skip breakfast your entire body physiology will get effected I’m not speaking about weight it effects in every area dear I mean. It starts from atoms and quantum engagement and DNA, RNA and finally body physiology , yes the effect is not immediate but by the team you realize it would be already late, I have done a case study on 120 people who have a very hectic lifestyle all of them are facing some or other disease or deficiency one is the person cannot go in sunlight because his skin starts becoming pink colour and starts burning

  18. Yh id recommend this too..i did water fasting for a bit and started to lose muscle.

  19. Marques Mitchell

    I agree with most of this. All but the exercise portion. NO ONE should do high intensity training for two hours daily. Ultimately, you’ll kill yourself…

    1. You need rest days for recovery.
    2. Rest days can be low intensity w/ high volume or high duration.
    H. You need to find a good balance between intensity (amount of weight used), volume (reps & sets), frequency (how often), & duration (how long).

  20. Breakfast is still important but you don’t need to ” break the fast” in the morning. Wait until you’ve fasted for 16 hours, then break the fast. You can’t get autophagy going until you’ve fasted 14-16 hours.

  21. Ophiophagus Hannah

    Thang Nguyen I find myself being healthier when i’m being physically active throughout day and eating a little extra to make up for the exercise

  22. even my grandma knew this, she’d be on her “no candy eat half” diet every now and then.

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