How to Do a Plank | Back to Basics with Holly Rilinger

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Focus on the fundamentals with trainer Holly Rilinger! Learn how to do a proper plank and start building strength by improving your form.

19 thoughts on “How to Do a Plank | Back to Basics with Holly Rilinger”

  1. Ma’am I am a beginner in this zone. From last 2 days I have started doing plank. But I am not so consistent. Please tell me what is the best time for doing plank and how many sets usually a beginner like me will do?

  2. No you are putting extra pressure on your stomach and back for no reason. This is a resistance workout, so holding your body straight against the force of gravity should be more than enough. If you don’t feel like it is working enough, hold it for longer or break it into sets and do side planks or other ab workouts in a workout routine.

  3. I am no expert on exercising but i have been doin plank since last year, its been more than 1 ams a half year now tho am still at 2 mins. Its hard. I know. So, back then i started off with 2 sets of 15 secs every 2 days. And then when i felt better i tried 30 secs. Started to do 2 sets of 30 secs every 2 days. It went on for weeks or perhaps months. Then 1 min. 2 sets of it after my exercise. Then earlier this year i started to try a 1 min amd a half. And just days ago i tried 2 mins. But thats my record of doin classic plank. I find that doin variation of it helps you to do it longer. My record for variation of planks is 5 mins. Trust me its easier when you move. I suggest to balance it between elbow and high plank so you wont hurt your elbows, that sucks. The best of luck!

  4. Thrilling Hazardous

    As a beginner and a first timer i legit did the planking for 2 minutes straight but my body is kinda shaking and the other set was 1 minute and the other set again for 1 minute

  5. DoctorOz can I ask a Question? is Plank a repetition or do it by mins.. answer plz.. Thank you

  6. Thrilling Hazardous

    @zilk ski I’m skinny but tbh it feels like you’ve flatten your belly. I quit gym but i have a personal workout

    1. Australian pull ups
    2. Inclined push-ups (because i can’t do push-ups)
    3. Bench dips
    5. Boat hold
    6. Pike push-ups
    7. Hanging on the bar
    8. Planking

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