How to Be on the Keto Diet the Healthy Way

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Wellness physician Dr. Josh Axe explains the difference between the regular keto and dirty keto diets. Then, Dr. Oz addresses concerns about some of the unhealthy foods that can be consumed on the dirty keto diet.

38 thoughts on “How to Be on the Keto Diet the Healthy Way”

  1. Jeffrey Effreyjay

    You have to follow the right people, I follow Dr. Berg’s healthy keto which made more sense to me, he suggests 6 to 10 cups of leafy greens, keep the meat clean, and stay away from sugar, also there are other sources of fats like wild caught salmon, sardines, lamb, dont eat the hog every day, main thing is you want to cook the foods with coconut oil or grass fed butter, and olive oil for your salads, mct oil for matcha tea or coffee, hopefully this can help someone….

  2. *YIKES…cheese is DIRTY? LOL! We totally shouldn’t be going through fast food joints every day, butter and cheese??? COMMON! Let’s talk about the scabs and inflammation caused by excess sugar and carbs…not to mention insulin resistance which causes us to get FAT in the first place…:-/*

  3. I stopped drinking sugar drinks 3 years ago, and only drink water now, I love water, never gets boring, drink 5 bottles a day, my weakness has always been carbs and bread ! Especially because I’m Italian and Lebanese, I always struggled to stop eating bread, well a week ago, I started the keto, I’m so impressed and proud of my self, 5 days no breads!!! And only one serving of carbs a day and that’s after the gym, I’m very determined to loose weight and get back to 170, and I’ll tell you guys something, I feel so so amazing! Go to the gym, have energy! It’s amazing! I never been this proud of my self ever! U guys can do it! Just be sure to stay hydrated, and have healthy fats, ull feel so amazing! I can’t wait to see my results in March!

  4. Jennifer wellman

    I’ve been doing keto for over 15 weeks, and I’ve lost 33 pounds and kept it off. It’s the only diet ( healthy weight loss lifestyle ) that’s worked for me.

  5. On a positive note, it’s good to see that they are starting to differentiate between dirty keto and good keto as apposed to just bagging keto altogether. A step in the right direction for sure.

  6. Keto Diet Meal Plan

    I’ve been doing keto for over 15 weeks, and I’ve lost 33 pounds and kept it off. It’s the only diet ( Keto Diet Meal Plan) that’s worked for me. Tqs Dr OZ.

  7. @azulcrema1O thank u! To be honest, I never weighed my self in 5 years, I don’t weigh my self because it just destroys my confidence, I know once I can see my abs, that I’m under 10 %, and in around 180, I just know from years of experience. So once I start seeing my abs again I’ll know I’m getting close to 180, but I’ll tell u, my body weight right now, with out weighing my self, from privious times, it’s been 200-205lbs 100% guaranteed! I refuse to step on a scale until I see some abs, because abs are always a dead give away of what your body fat% is.

  8. I love how this video has one goal, just one. To get people to avoid doing keto wrong. Yes it doesn’t get into all the other science and details of keto, but I support this video and it’s message. You can’t get all your good diet advice from social media.

  9. SamsSmellyNeckBeard

    I am 38 years old and i been on keto and intermittent fasting a little over 3 months….first 3 months I lost 56 pounds…. just started omad 5 days ago but my one meal is still strictly keto and I have lost another 8 pounds in the last 5 days…. weight is dropping off me…. I went from blood pressure of 160 170s alot of times even with my bp meds…to normal bp now of around 105/60 and have quit 2 of my bp meds to!!! Only one more to go and I’m med free!!!… I have the energy of a toddler now and it has totally changed my life….I will never look back!!! #KetoForLife

  10. I’m glad Dr Berg did a special video on how you stole his REAL KETO RESEARCH. Dr Berg needs his own show. He’s honest and helpful.

  11. There are 2 types of LDL, large particle LDL and small particle LDL. Keto causes large and sugar and carbs cause small. The small particle LDL is the one that causes plaque in your arteries. Also anyone that thinks Keto is just eat Drive thru food without the bun is an idiot!

  12. The keto diet has enabled me to feel better. I have also lost weight gradually but consistenly over the past 18 months. Good vid.

  13. Jordan Thornburg wrong…meat and fat from animals DO NOT cause inflammation. It’s carbs…no way around it.

  14. There are different approaches to keto. Educate yourself, then figure out what works best for you not only health wise but can you sustain it. I love Dr. Axe, Dr. Berg, Dr. Berry and Thomas Delaurer. All of their approaches are slightly different but all promote listening to your body because what might work for one may not work for another. Not a huge Dr. Oz fan but kuddos for him for shining a light on keto.

  15. KETO Diamond Channel

    I love keto! 122 pounds down! No more meds! I teach it to everyone who needs me! I vlog my food and journey everyday!

  16. Maria Carrillo

    If you’re thinking of doing keto, don’t let this video scare you away from it, just try it out and make sure to take all of your vitamins and you’ll be fine..

  17. I’m all about the pork. I eat it for breakfast and eat pork ribs without the sauces. The saturated fats are the secret with keto.

    I do agree in the sense that certain people are doing it the wrong way. Eat your meat fresh and as least processed as possible. Nuts should be in moderation including cheeses. Stick with fresh meats, fats and moderate amount of fresh vegetables. As too many can cause gas, bloating and take you out of ketosis. I typically just have one big fresh kale salad a day and the rest of my day is with meat and oils.

  18. Margaret Koopman

    I’ve lost 30 lbs on keto diet past 2 1/2 months. I just wish I would have discovered it in my 20’s. But- saying there’s dirty keto is misleading. Saying cheese is bad, is misleading, or a bit of bacon. When you eat a variety of foods, chicken, fish, beef, nuts, dark leafy greens, etc. You feel amazing. After a few months of a keto diet, I decided to test for keystone’s. Nope! Not burning the fat on keto. It’s very difficult and probably not safe to go into keto anyways, but I’m losing weight…so who cares? I eliminated 99% of the sugar from my diet, and breads, and BOOM! added nuts, berries, (NO BEANS, BTW) AND NO I DON’T FEEL SLUGGISH OR INFLAMED. Nor do I listen to either one of these Dr’s because they are all hype. So- I’m on a keto diet, and could care less about actually being in keto. But see for yourself, you can buy the test strips to test for keystone’s at your local Walmart. And, btw- anyone suggesting ‘beans’ on keto obviously isn’t paying attention to the actual diet.

  19. I just started keto last week , and I to have a struggle with bread ,so first thing I did was to look up keto bread recipes and the ingredients aren’t cheap and you don’t get them in large quantities , even after I bought them I saw a video on shopping for keto stuff at Aldi grocery stores and the person found 0 carb bread , it was $ 3.69 a loaf I don’t eat bread every day but it’s a nice go to when I want it .

  20. Kathleen Regina

    Larry Maloney

    Well I’m 75 – I consume plenty of high quality dairy and grass fed kerrygold butter. My bone density and my teeth are great! I eat a ketogenic diet and I maintain a perfect weight. I have tons of energy. I think certain genetics have not adapted to cheese as they mostly have not eaten a lot of it over centuries. Asians fir instance tend to have a healthy diet in other ways. I’m Irish, Swedish and Italian and have no problem with dairy.

  21. Congratulations! That’s an amazing success! I’m looking to lose around 30 pounds this year! I was wondering, do you think Keto would be beneficial at removing belly fat?

  22. Adapting to a ketogenic lifestyle can take some re-working of your habits and a new perspective on how you approach meals and snacks. But, no matter how you were eating before, most of the foods that are the pillars of a keto diet are things you’re already familiar with — we’re just helping you learn to use them in slightly different ways to promote ketosis in your body. Though there are hundreds of foods that fit into a keto diet, there are some that are the true rock stars of the bunch. Click here to make a keto diet plan that suits you:

  23. I have done a mix of keto and dirty keto diet for 2 months where I cut off almost all carbs, by doing this I was able to lose 10kg

  24. I think the only time “Dirty” keto is tempting is when:
    #1. you are still learning to fight any non-keto food addictions, and wanting to satisfy your cravings without cheating!
    #2. You have kids & a partner who are not on keto! Or family get togethers where they are not keto friendly! And anything they want or eat, you have to figure out how to make it keto, or pick out just the bits that are still technically keto! Like fast food for example, or holiday meals! I cant eat anything that is loaded with cards. But we all know those are not the healthiest food situations to be in!
    So we allow ourselves to do it a bit “dirty” in those cases lol! Other than that though, clean keto all the rest of the way!

  25. My inflammation and my cholesterol both went down, at least 50% of my caloric intake was mid range supermarket cheese and bacon. I was easily staying under £10 a day food budget, mixing in fresh meals with convenience dirty ones. Most importantly I was eating a ton of greens and salads

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