How a Woman Lost Over 200 Pounds

Meet guest Mary, who once weighed 352 pounds. She shares her story of dropping out of high school due to her weight and reveals her new look today, after losing over 200 pounds!

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33 thoughts on “How a Woman Lost Over 200 Pounds”

  1. Amazing! Congratulations. I’m at my weight loss journey also. I lost 30 pounds and have 30 more too loss. Thank you for your story. God bless.

  2. After the sudden death of my son, I packed on a lot of weight in 4 years.
    My daughter introduced me to keto, and I have lost 52 lbs and have a ways to go, but it’s happening, and I know I can do it! Yes, taking a break for Christmas, but this diet has proven to be a Godsend for me, and my 2019 goal is to be happy and healthy again with God’s help!

  3. Noticed that the lady keep emphasizing on drinking lots of water. Drinking sufficient water is necessary for your health people! But keep in mind that to lose weight, it still boils down to caloric deficit! Choose your meal consciously, avoid sugary and unhealthy meals. Pick a workout schedule that is suitable for your fitness needs, and choose a diet plan that suits your lifestyle! Eventually, you will only see results if you put in your determination, and consistency. Find a plan that you can stay consistence on. For me, I’ve tried Keto, Atkins Diet, counting calories… the lifestyle isn’t suitable for my social lifestyle. My work also demands me to meet client on the day basis. I couldn’t implement the plans and hence all failed. I eventually lose my 50+ pounds overweight to a simple routine consecutively for 2 weeks by 2 weeks. I’m now healthy, feeling fresh and fit, clean and most importantly, confident in myself. All the best to everyone losing weight!

  4. I’m on my own weight loss journey right now! I was in October 2018 425lbs and now I am 353.6. I’m still going!

  5. Over the last 90 days I’ve lost about 57 pounds by doing keto and taking these:

  6. Calorie deficient is important but it isn’t the only thing to consider. Eventually you can reach a weight loss plateau if you only rely on calorie counting, and reducing your daily intake by too much can start to destroy muscle. I would simply focus on eating enough but also incorporating habits that are known to boosting metabolism so that fat loss is guaranteed (ie like you said drink a lot of water, eat high protein and fat and low carb and sugar on weekdays, intermittent fasting, 6000 steps a day, drink 1 cup of tea and 1 cup of coffee everyday, reduce stress, get at least 8 hours of sleep, and cheat on weekends [eat whatever you want so your body doesn’t think it’s in starvation mode but don’t overdo it of course]).

  7. To everyone in the comments in their own weight loss journey: We can do this! Don’t give up!

  8. Thankyou kelly.when i tell people that they look at me and say no you have to count carbs or fats or what ever but i was taught from a young age calories in and calories out all that means to me is make better food choices and watch portion sizes.

  9. Or you can just water fast, it’s more of a mental challenger once the hunger goes away.

  10. The Darkness Beckons

    Jayla Brown well it’s not necessarily true. It depends on many factors including age and genetics. Don’t get so stressed about something you don’t know.

  11. She still has a lot of fat look at her legs it’s just not poping out like it did she’s probably not done though

  12. Y0uTube Health Solutions

    I teach my people to eat fruits and vegetables .They should drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated. I also tell them to use body weight for exercise to tone the muscle underneath the skin.

  13. Y0uTube Health Solutions

    Amen…water is the best! Some of my clients that dislike water are instructed to eat water loaded fruits such as papaya.

  14. Y0uTube Health Solutions

    I understand that too. I try to add fitness videos on my channel. Dr. Oz is great for keeping us up with new health knowledge. He is great!

  15. Carol Underwood

    For anybody who has tried to lose weight and ended up frustrated, I am talking to you! Looking at this video clip I must laugh, because they don’t know the truth. Fat loss is actually easy knowing what to do and what To avoid. From The Venus Factor, Dr. Charles describes all you need to know to be able to lose fat and keep it from coming back.
    Here’s his web-site.

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