Erase 5 Years Off Your Face

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– These ancient anti-aging secrets are all natural and affordable. Tried and true for thousands of years, these tips can help you look up to 5 years younger.

23 thoughts on “Erase 5 Years Off Your Face”

  1. You are s right Darris. I use olive oil and I just started using coconut oil. I noticed a dramatic improvment on the pores on my nose. Both oils moisturize. I have never tried argan oil, though

  2. Mama Loves the Beach!

    Actually I make up my own concoction for my face of; argan oil, sea buckthorn oil, rose hip and pomegranate seed oil. ‘jetsfan’ alluded to “something else” . . . my husband and me both agree that coconut oil is an excellent ‘personal lubricant’ ; )

  3. Mama Loves the Beach!

    You are soooo right about drinking more water! I’m not great about this but when I am there is a huge difference in my skin.

  4. I used their eye cream roller, which was supposed to reduce puffiness, and I got red scaly eyelids! Bad reaction…

  5. I agreed with the Olay cloth cleanser. The product works wonder on my skin and give me a glowing effect.

  6. First of all people should know that genetics play the major role. I make home made soaps and I made some with peptides and coffee gounds and baking soda and it’s amazing for the face and body. I don’t do anything now but there are some new things that “DO” work so when I think I need them I WILL try them because it’s smarter and cheaper to spend for botox and fillers once a year let’s say then these creams and kits which cost tons of money all the time, do the math over the years and see how much it adds up to. I would advise anyone to eat less overall, exercise, stay out of the sun but get 15 min outside in in gardening or something, take vitamins and be happy with who they are in their hearts and spirits because what is on the inside will start projecting out. If a particular product/s work for YOU keep using it but going from products to products is bad for your skin so until you find them keep it simple and exfoliate with baking soda/genle cleanser, mix baby oil and salt and use as a body scrub (your skin will feel like electic velvet!

  7. I make my own line! And I add loads of beneficial ingredients, while avoiding the nasty and often toxic chemicals or preservatives found in all these products that are actually carcinogens in long run! Saving BIG money and really works on face,! Back to Basics=Back to Nature.
    Love n Light

  8. Raw ingredients like beeswax, cocoa butter, vitamins, minerals, I will keep u up to date when blog comes out hun.

  9. ” HEY DR. OZ ” ( SIR ) bye means of (ACCUMULATION – REVERSAL ) We the human race are able to re-set the aging process bye changing our brains environment ! I am living proof of this statement. THANKS-4-GOOD-WORK-HELPING-OTHERS

  10. This product is amazing, it works miracles on my face. Reduced dark spots on the third application.
    Skin on my face and hands look brighter and smoother. I am sold on this product, and will use it as long
    as it is available.

  11. Cold tee bags for 15mins works aswel to remove eye bags.. And mostly egg white mask 15mins removes scaring and rinkels

  12. the best skin care tips: have a well balanced diet,drink plenty of water,have at least 8 hours of sleep and stress free..
    and not to forget exercise regularly..

  13. Chemical peels can erase 5 years off your face if you do them regularly. I have been doing them since the age if 20. I am 27 and compared to people my age I look a lot younger.

  14. Why are we talking about skin care like it’s something that only matters to women? Otherwise this video is actually pretty helpful

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