Dr. Pimple Popper Demonstrates How to Remove an Ingrown Hair

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Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, diagnoses real skin bumps and lumps from concerned viewers, and how to properly care for them. Then, Dr. Oz demonstrates how to correctly release pressure from a boil without scarring.

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45 thoughts on “Dr. Pimple Popper Demonstrates How to Remove an Ingrown Hair”

  1. What’s the point in bringing her on the show if you’re going to talk the whole time.

  2. You can actually tell she felt uncomfortable when he grabbed her hand I can tell she was like WTF is he doing

  3. Tai the Idea Guy


    1. One pass per area with the razor, 1-2 inches downward at a time, will prevent ingrown hairs.
    2. Avoid too many blades! You don’t need three or more blades.
    3. Pressing too hard on the skin with the blade. A gliding, light touch is all you need.
    4. You should be using a warm/hot water prep (three minutes).
    5. Keep tools as clean as possible with soap, hot water, and rubbing alcohol.
    6. Don’t suffocate the hair and pores with thick lotions.
    7. REMEMBER TO EXFOLIATE daily by using the WIZKER as directed.
    8. Avoid shaving too often. Alternate with: electric clippers and waxing.
    9. Shave WITH the grain, in the direction of hair growth.
    10. Avoid tight fitting clothing around the Adam’s apple (neck) and/or below the waistline region.

  4. Christina Azarian

    Dr. Lee is the sweetest person. If I lived in her area, she’d be my derm for life.

  5. I’m sorry when popping it and bringing the hair it hurts like a mother. It feels better once it’s out but still sore for the next few days

  6. Gracie Li I don’t see why. He knew how it worked and she most likely didn’t know what it would do

  7. My anxiety went up so much when I thought he wasn’t gonna fully remove the hair

  8. “The more superficial something is, the less likely it is to cause much of a scar.” That’s heavy tbh. Real heavy.

  9. Those ‘ingrown hairs’, when they rise to the surface are the easy one. The ones people have trouble with are those who, instead, goes deep and cause a red, almost deep brownish bump and you can’t see the hair AT ALL. Those are the real ingrown hair. What you show here is just a very simple pimple ready to bust, nothing difficult to “pop”. I still like the effort he made to recreate one though!

  10. As someone who often gets ingrown hairs on my kneecaps, that truly is one of the best feelings in the world.

  11. @Ian Garza thought the same thing too ngl, it was how to deal with it too you know like he’s not bringing someone in to talk to them himself you know

  12. @N I know it’s been a year but just because it wasn’t meant to be deep doesn’t mean it isn’t

  13. You donkeys do realize he’s a doctor himself, right? You also realize he was giving more of a demonstration then explaining.

  14. You can tell all of you are speculating like crazy and just love throwing every possible insult at someone just trying to be kind. Not everyone is a monster and not everyone thinks “WTF” when someone makes a kind gesture. You losers might want to fact check stuff before you decide for someone else what they are thinking and feeling.

  15. @Siah R. No one said it was his job to hold her hand. However it is his job to lead the guest in the right direction and in the case it was done by grabbing her hand. Cry me a river.

  16. They never rise to the surface. It’s always deep. And dark purple red or black area

  17. @Skittlepuff Shaving against the grain will give you smoother skin because you’ll cut the hair follicle even lower to where it meets the skin, but it is more likely to cause ingrown hairs for the same reason.

  18. @Skittlepuff As a guy I have never shaved my legs even once in my life, but I have shaved my pubes several times and every time I shave against the grain I develop bumps on my skin and ingrown hairs. Shaving towards the grain might leave a few little hairs but that’s better than havnig painful ugly looking bumps and zits.

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