Dr. Oz’s Underwear Test

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– Examining your underwear can determine the state of your health. See the five questions you should ask today about your pair and learn the warning signs and solutions of common conditions.

32 thoughts on “Dr. Oz’s Underwear Test”

  1. I think it can be a reason to be pride if all your audience wears underwears with your name on it.Way to go doc!

  2. +Karmagician I agree. You save 0.5% here maybe you save 0.5% health with dr Phil, now you can do something. (Paraphrased from mr. russel peters)

  3. +Phil Boucher 50cents as used by r peters is used in absolute terms … percentage is a relative measure … And in relative terms it is essentially useless

  4. So i NOW understand that Dr. Oz’s test is essentially useless. Thank you for the lesson, maybe I will post something somewhere else and someone will teach me a little more and maybe one day I will be able to teach you SOMETHING. FRIEND

  5. The Bra expert said the last tip backwards!… it should of been – try on your bras on with the loosest hook, so when it breaks in (aka becomes looser) you can adjust it to become tighter. She was saying to put it on the tightest hook so when it gets looser you can move it to the loosest hook? That doesn’t make sense to me. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. Geez, it’s just underwear. Why do “experts” always have to turn mundane things into something medically alarming?

  7. You can also have a totally normal and clean discharge from the vagina that causes yellow staining on underwear. This is from taking high doses of multivitamins.

  8. Christine Kennedy

    I think they passed out underwear. No one is bringing their panties to TV. lol

  9. No one probably brought in their actual underwear, or they brought in that pair in the back that they never wear. Lol. They certainly didn’t choose to bring a pair with stains.

  10. Fabric softner can be an irritant on skin and the crotch area as well. Also, the type of underwear you wear can irritate too….

  11. Yes your right! And because if your fitted correctly your bra will fit perfectly on the loosest clasp so wen you where it on the tightest one, it stretches out your bra over time

  12. 90% of comments: Granny’s thong!
    Me: Clicked on this while thinking they were going to check the guy’s underwear…

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