Dr. Oz Investigates Intermittent Fasting

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Dr. Michael Mosley discusses the benefits of intermittent fasting for weight loss and why he turned to this method after being diagnosed with diabetes.

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47 thoughts on “Dr. Oz Investigates Intermittent Fasting”

  1. Fasting is such a great approach. It is the way we were designed – not eating all the time. I talked with Jason Fung, MD on my youtube channel and he has such great insights into fasting. I have fasted alot over the past decade and the benefits are amazing.

  2. Intermittent Fasting is great! Normally do 18/6 but also did 24 and 36 hours fast. Also great mixing with KETO!

  3. Breakfast means “break fast”. Breakfast doesn’t mean morning meal. It meals first meal since fast. So if your first meal is at 8PM (20:00), that’s breakfast.

  4. @Zac Kawhe who, I so wanna try that. You mean you ate no food at all or like maybe had a slice of bread or sommet each day

  5. @Zac Kawhe would it be okay if I don’t eat for two days and on the third day while still doing like an hour at the gym? I’d only drink fluids throughout the day like water, tea, green tea

  6. I started doing IF a year ago .. I go without any food for 16 hours each and every day .. I get up at 5.30 am , hit the gym at 8 am , eat my breakfast at 11 am … Benefits of IF have been nothing but amazing .. Especially my focus and mental sharpness have increased dramatically .. At age 43 , I feel like I am sitting on top of the world ..!

  7. It works folks! I’ve been doing this for 5 months now. Not only will you lose weight, you’ll feel better too. Energy levels are through the roof!

  8. I’ve been fasting for several months, on 1 meal per day and can tell you that I feel more energetic, more mental clarity and have lost some weight and got lean. It does work!

  9. My aunt and uncle do the whole “5-6 small meals a day” thing and are always telling the family about it and when I told my parents I was doing IF and explained the science behind it they were still like “But your metabolism won’t start if you don’t eat breakfast!”

    My parents literally don’t even know what metabolism is. Fun fact mom… If my metabolism “won’t start”, that means I’m dead…

  10. I couldn’t agree more about the breakfast myth. I used to always eat a small breakfast every day thinking that is what you do to lose weight. I NEVER could lose weight at all and always Felt tired and sluggish. Now, I never eat before noon and feel great. I literally lost 15 pounds in a month. The only time I ever eat breakfast is if it’s a special occasion, like I’m on vacation or it’s a holiday and I’m with family or something.

  11. That’s the plan I’m following now and included cardio and strength training, it’s been only 10 days and my body has changed drastically. I also find that with IF, I’m less hungry and get filled up quickly, previously I always wanted to eat without being hungry, I just wanted to eat because of the taste, let me tell you I’m a sweets kind of girl, not so much big meals like burgers, fries and all the good stuff, I don’t crave it, and I don’t need it. I’ve done let last year and went from 194 to 120 and I’m 4 ft 11. it was great , then I gained it back because of depression and lack of motivation, took me 8 months to get motivated again. I’m seeing great results already and I have learned more about being healthy while losing the weight. Nothing beats being able to breath, feel great in your clothes, and sleep good at night.

  12. Vanessa Dieudonne

    So I have a question for intermittent fasters. *During the eating period, does this mean you can ear more than once during this time, or does it mean you only break the fast and eat ONCE during this period?*

  13. This works. Dropped 16 lbs. started Jan 1st. I travel and this seems to be the best thing I have tried. I feel better. Sleep better and wake up better. Just starting on the journey but happy with the start

  14. Shasha Dee You can eat more than once within your eating window, it really is just choosing healthier options within the eating window.

  15. I do a 16 hours fast, 8 hours eating 5 days a week and a 20 hours fast, 4 hours eating 2 days a week. Feel so good so far.

  16. Sripol Asanasavest

    This sounds great! My stomach feels better when I eat less on certain day. I also like the Ketogenic diet, but I don’t go crazy on the fat like butter, so I use less fat like only little bit of olive oil. I try use as little fat as possible without sacrificing the taste; using less fat really helps my stomach feel better. I think it’s easier on the digestion.

  17. @Ra I also fast 16:8 daily. I start eating at 1pm and I’ll have my last meal no later than 9 pm.

  18. I went from 243 pounds to 211 pounds in 6 weeks WITHOUT EXERCISING doing intermittent fasting!!!!

  19. I eat my 1st meal of porridge at 2pm n sometimes eat cereal at night. Don’t matter. You are very right.

  20. I agree as Muslims our first meal after fasting during Ramadan is after sun set not in the morning .

  21. Stellar L.L. Storm

    Intermittent fasting helped me along my weight loss journey….losing over 50lbs a few years ago. I’m 43 years old and I had my 3rd child 9 months ago. I am currently using intermittent fasting to get off my baby weight. My pre- baby weight 145lbs and I currently weigh 150lbs. Good diet, exercising and intermittent fasting works for me!

  22. breakfast is food for the
    morning. lunch is midday and dinner is at night. yes if you have eggs bacon and waffles that is breakfast at night

  23. I’ve lost almost 80 lbs but I only eat between 2pm – 5pm and keep it around 1300 calories high protein. Saved my life and I finally feel like the person I’m supposed to be

  24. I just think it’s funny how different languages name something like this… so in English it’s “breaking the fast”, meanwhile in Croatian direct translation would be “until lunch” haha

  25. I started this fasting a couple of weeks ago and I went from 104 kg down to now 101 kg. So really I just started without any books or videos. I just read about it on internet. I do get hungry but it’s slowly working.

  26. IF is definitely a game changer, even for myself at 26. My workouts are insane, working out at a fasted state does wonders. I highly recommend, my body did take some getting used to as would anyones. But, this works. My schedule is 12-8 when I eat and that has worked for me. I am a fan of coffee and tea. My mental sharpness is on point and I feel more focused.

  27. Question: I thought when you fast you burn Fat and some Muscle. True, false? 90 / 10?

    (I also assume many people will also do some kind of excercise – be it walking, biking, hiking.)

    Any tips to retain Muscle?

  28. Krystal Ricciardi

    I was thinking of doing this split – what’s your split? Like what days do you do 20 and what days do you do 16?

  29. On the contrary I think breakfast is correct as it is that being a morning meal because it comes from a typical social behavior of having your last meal at dinner time and start your longest fasting window which includes sleeping time because the assumption is that you eat more frequently during the day,. having two meals plus snacks in between.while breakfast I 100% agree can be @20:00, I’m also pretty sure sure when the word “breakfast” was invented intermittent fast wasn’t a thing.

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