Does Alkaline Water Actually Improve Your Health?

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Dr. Oz investigates the real benefits of alkaline water compared to regular water. Plus, family physician Dr. Jennifer Caudle shares the ingredients in alkaline water. Find out if it actually changes the pH in your blood.

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77 thoughts on “Does Alkaline Water Actually Improve Your Health?”

  1. I would say alkaline water has helped me tremendously with acid reflux as I have struggled with it for 12 year’s. Currently for the last few months since consuming alkaline water bouts of acid reflux has lessen from daily to maybe less than weekly, BUT I must add I had to adjust my food menu also too maximize the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

  2. Timothy McGaffin II

    There are two different kinds of alkaline water. There is bad alkaline (chemical / inorganic compound additive) and good alkaline (electrical restructuring of molecules). This video segment talked about the bad alkaline water. It didn’t talk about the good alkaline water also known as alkaLIZED or by its scientific name which is, Electrolyzed Reduced Water. Good alkaline water (Electrolyzed Reduced Water) contains H2, which is diatomic hydrogen and this diatomic hydrogen is a superior antioxidant. Imagine making your body, which is mostly water (about 75%) flooded with antioxidant water. What would making about 75% of your body packed full of antioxidants do for you and your health?

    Bad alkaline water can neutralize your stomach acid because the chemical additive or inorganic compound in the water such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is an antacid. Whereas good alkaline water doesn’t have any chemical additives or inorganic compounds added to the water so therefore good alkaline water cannot neutralize your stomach acid.

  3. I have a reverse osmosis unit under my sink. I measured 10.5 on the ph scale. And i think it was 80 ppm tds. I do feel better and my gut does also. I drink alot of beer and one cup of java a day. I feel the difference when i drink my alkaline water. Blessings All.

  4. I don’t care what they say Alkaline water has done wonders for me and my husband. My husband had big dark spots on his back and he drank alkaline water and it cleared up in a matter of a few days. I put alkaline water on a cut and in a day it was hardly noticable. #TeamAlkaline

  5. Perhaps your change with food is helping, but anything caustic or alkaline that you drink will just make your stomach secrete MORE acid to neutralize it with. Don’t fall for the marketing scam that “alkaline water” is.

  6. Angelica Mitchell

    Being drinking alkaline water for a year now . I started drinking purify sea water first after being diagnose with arthritis. My swelling my immobility my sharp pains started to disappear after just 3 days . There’s more minerals in sea water bur alkaline water is cheaper and more reachable. Believe me when I tell you the doctor told me that my pains where going to get worst and now after a year of drinking alkaline water and sea water I can honestly say that the doctors and pharmaceutical are all in it on just making us into what they want to sell to us . Were their ginnipigs

  7. We did our own experiment with ph strips. All the spring waters from cheap to expensive artisan, tested 7.0-7.5. Distilled, ph enhanced, filtered, straight tap, home filtered tested at 4.5-5.5! Note the ph enhanced water advertised at 7.5, it also tested low at 5.0! Drink spring water!

  8. Tastes great, gives me energy. Clears acne. The proof is in the pudding. Don’t need a scientific study to tell me how good I feel.

  9. Facts. There’s a fast food chain selling poison everywhere that makes me feel terrible. I think I’ll take my chances with this water that makes me feel better than ive felt in years lol

  10. RighteousBeat Productions

    What I learned is just because your bottle says “Alkaline” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s really alkaline. You’ll have to actually test it after you buy it! Also “alkalinity” may vary due to many factors after shipping and handling so it’s very important to test your alkalinity before consuming. My question to the ladies would be if they tested their water before drinking it?

  11. Alkaline waters will cover up the symptoms just like Tums or proton pump inhibitors And just like Tums or proton pump inhibitors alkaline waters make the underlying condition worse and increase the risk of numerous health issues such as cancer and heart disease. The higher the pH of the water the greater the risk.

  12. My brother was overweight basically all his life after his teenage years and decided to installed and drank alkaline water, he lost 65 pound in six months without changing any other routine. By the way he is 45 years old.

  13. I had very poor kidney function caused by probably using too many nsaids for pain over many years. I also had many kidney stones over the years. After changing my diet to a less acidic diet and changing my water intake to an alkaline water of 8 to 9 ph my kidney function improved very significantly. My urologist and nephrologist both agreed the change was due to the change in diet and ph water. Also I stopped drinking anything other than water and lots of it. Both doctors said that was also a factor. Bottom line I was facing possible dialysis before correcting my acidic habits.

  14. I started drinking mineral type alkaline water (not the electrolised “Kanzen” type alkaline water) while monitoring my Blood pressure and Urine pH. (I have a biochemistry degree and a Chemistry degree.)
    In 2 weeks, my Blood pressure has actually dropped by 10mm Mercury – from about 144 gradually to about 134 and within 4 weeks my urine pH rose drom about pH 5.1 to about 6.4.
    (Many years earlier I nearly died if acidic type kidney stones infection).
    So alkaline water IS good for MY health I am now over 70 and very healthy.
    Believe it or not.

  15. @Hveragerthi Thanks.
    I don’t drink alkaline water within half and hour before and within 2 hours after a meal since stomach acid is secreted and necessary during digestion of food. So the statement that alkaline water gets neutralised in the stomach is not correct. During meal time, I only drink carbon filtered tap water with clorine removed. Other time I drink mineral (Alkaline) water with high pH and low ORP.
    If the Ca, Mg and K salts present in mineral water are not useful, why is my blood pressure being reduced and why is my urine pH rising from about 5 to about 6.4?

  16. ​@SE T: “I don’t drink alkaline water within half and hour before and within 2 hours after a meal since stomach acid is secreted and necessary during digestion of food. ”

    Clearly you did not read my response to you. Especially the part where I clearly wrote “Stomach acid is normally ALWAYS present in the stomach as it serves more purposes other than activating the protein digestive enzyme pepsin. One of the most important roles of stomach acid is to destroy pathogens that are ingested every time we swallow anything including our own saliva. ”

    And “Furthermore, if you knew anything about human physiology then you would have known that the pyloric sphincter that allows emptying of the stomach in to the intestines will not even open until the stomach has become sufficiently acidic. Therefore, the alkalinity of the water will not only be neutralized, but the water will be made acidic before it even exists the stomach for absorption. The ONLY pH levels that are altered by these caustic high pH waters are the mouth to the stomach. And by reducing stomach acidity this INCREASES the risk of so many different diseases and disorders in the body including cancer, heart disease, immune suppression, nutrient deficiencies, arthritis, hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances, etc, etc, etc.”

    So once again it DOES NOT matter when you drink the alkaline water, it will still be immediately neutralized by the stomach acid that is ALWAYS present to some extent since it is involved in more than the digestive process.

    ​ @Sin-Ewe T : “Other time I drink mineral (Alkaline) water with high pH and low ORP.”

    Again, high pH waters are caustic and damaging to health.

    And do you even have a clue what ORP is and what it represents? The ionized alkaline water companies commonly misrepresent ORP to sell their quack devices.

    ​ @Sin-Ewe T : “If the Ca, Mg and K salts present in mineral water are not useful, why is my blood pressure being reduced and why is my urine pH rising from about 5 to about 6.4?”

    You are showing your ignorance of the topic again. The calcium, magnesium and potassium in the ionized alkaline waters ARE NOT salts. They are caustic mineral (metal) hydroxides. Salts are produced by the reaction of alkaline compounds such as carbonates and hydroxides with acids. This is why some people add lemon juice to their ionized alkaline water. The various acids in the lemon react with the dangerous, caustic mineral (metal) hydroxides converting them in to beneficial and safe salts.

    And since you brought up calcium are you aware that the most common reason for high blood pressure is calcium contraction of blood vessels? This is why calcium channel blockers are the most commonly prescribed high blood pressure medication and why the antagonist magnesium is used in hospitals to treat pregnancy associated hypertension and in holistic medicine in many cases to lower blood pressure as an absorbable salt since hydroxides are very poorly absorbed forms of minerals.

    As for blood pressure and urinary pH I already explained these to you. Both fluctuate for a variety of reasons. If you think the water is altering these then show everyone here scientific proof that they alter either. Good luck.

  17. @Hveragerthi You are either ignorant or a deceiver.
    I have a biochemistry degree so I know what you are is false.

  18. @SE T ROTFLMAO!!!!! So what diploma mill did you buy your degree from? You must have bought one because everything I pointed out is super basic proven human physiology and pathophysiology. By the way I have worked in medicine 42 years and spend a ton of time doing real research. So that trumps your diploma mill degree.

    People claim I am ignorant or a deceiver only when they have no real education on chemistry, human physiology or pathophysiology and therefore they cannot provide any real evidence I am wrong. So they imply I am wrong out of their ignorance and trying to deceive people.

  19. ​@SE T Just to prove my point since you claim to supposedly have a “biochemistry degree” here is the chemical definition of a salt:

    “In chemistry, sodium chloride is an example of a type of salt. A salt is an ionic compound produced by reacting an acid with a base or occurring as a natural mineral. In other words, a salt is produced by a neutralization reaction. ”

    You said previously “If the Ca, Mg and K salts present in mineral water are not useful”. So what salts are you referring to? If salts are formed by a neutralization process between an acid and a base then how are they getting such high pH in the water? See, if you really knew even basic chemistry then you would have known that the water does not contain salts. During electrolysis of the mineralized water caustic mineral (metal) hydroxides such as potassium hydroxide that is the same as Drano, sodium hydroxide that is the same as Red Devil Lye, calcium hydroxide that is the same as caustic lime and magnesium hydroxide that is not good to ingest are formed. These are bases, not salts. And this is what makes the pH of the water so high. If the water is reacted with acids such as lemon juice as I mentioned earlier then salts are formed. So clearly you do not even have a basic understanding of chemistry, which leads me to believe that if you do have a biochemistry degree that you paid for it through some diploma mill as this is all chemistry that even a 6th grader is taught yet you do not know.

  20. I’ve Been drinking Alkaline since 2012 and I noticed a huge change in my body.
    If drink regular water for two or three days I start getting sick. Now whenever I travel I take the drops in case I can’t find alkaline. Dr said my body is used to it and to continue drinking it.
    Eternal water and Trader Joe’s have the best alkaline water

  21. Colton Cardinal

    I drank alkaline water and ate a fruit only diet for a month and my blood ph went up from 7 to 8. I’m not kidding! I feel so much better!

  22. Honest review. I noticed I was having a bit of heart burn after drinking beer on the weekends and then last week I tried the body armor alkaline water to rehydrate the day after and didn’t have one bit of heart burn. But I also ate differently that night as well so both could have played a roll. It was a good test. Hopefully I will keep up both good habits. I am not much of a alcohol drinker but I do drink close to if not a full gallon of water a day so this was only a small test for me.

  23. Heartburn is most often the result of a lack of stomach acid. Alkaline waters will mask the symptoms. just like drugs like Tums, while making the underlying condition worse.

  24. High pH waters such as ionized alkaline waters are immediately neutralized by stomach acid. Any real doctor would have known this super basic fact.

    And such waters have no effect on our blood pH. Our pH is not regulated by what we ingest.

  25. @Michael If a powder then I would say no. The ionized alkaline water uses electrolysis requiring water to form the mineral(metal) hydroxides. Although, some companies do add the powdered hydroxides to water to make them alkaline so in the long run they would still be basically the same.

    You would have to look at the ingredients to determine what is being used to make the water alkaline.

  26. Have you had any episodes of anxiety, depression, swing mood after you started with this water? I understand that the electrodes oxidise after a while and all those heavy metals tend to deposit in your brain, making any mental health issue worse. (See Medical Medium Anthony William)

  27. Doing intermittent fasting and avoiding dinners has helped me massively.

    Edit: I’m actually doing OMAD with 1600-1800 calories involving chicken wings, cheese and some veggies.
    Occasionally if I feel cute I fast once or twice a week, I’ve been losing pounds, helping me get control of eating portions and cravings.

  28. @Valerie Very basic chemistry. The whole process of making ionized alkaline water relies on electrolysis of mineralized water. This splits the water in to a positively charged hydrogen ion (proton) and a negatively charged hydroxyl group. The chambers for each electrode are kept separated to keep the hydrogen ion and the hydroxyl group separated. Ever hear the term “opposites attract”? The negatively charged hydroxyl group needs a positive charge to balance. So where does that positive charge come from? The metals of the minerals in the water. Sodium, potassium and calcium for example are all positively charged metals. These metals from the minerals present in the water attach to the hydroxyl group forming the corresponding mineral (metal) hydroxides. Sodium hydroxide is the same thing as Red Devil Lye. Potassium hydroxide is the same thing as liquid Drano. Calcium hydroxide is also known as caustic lime. All these products come with warning labels to not ingest or even allow contact with tissues for a very good reason. They are caustic and cause tissue damage from chemical burns and from the dissociation of the mineral (metal) hydroxides that are unstable and form the dangerous free radical known as the hydroxyl radical linked to cancer and other diseases. The ionized alkaline water is simply a dilute version of lye, Drano and caustic lime and still causes tissue damage.

    In addition, these mineral (metal) hydroxides are strong antacids reducing or neutralizing stomach acidity. This leads to all sort of health issues mainly from decreased methylation that leads to problems such as cancer, heart disease, immune suppression, allergies, some forms of arthritis, hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances, etc, etc, etc. This is because methylation is required for around 4,000 reactions in the body.

    The suppression or neutralization of stomach acid also increases cancer forming nitrate in the stomach, allows for the survival of ingested pathogens including cancer pathogens, leads to nutritional deficiencies and leads to even lower stomach acid formation as stomach acid formation is dependent on zinc that is acid dependent for proper absorption as well methylation that is decreased by this dangerous, caustic water. Therefore, the decline in health from ingesting ionized alkaline water can be self feeding.

    And as I pointed out, some companies simply add mineral (metal) hydroxides to the water to make it alkaline bypassing the overly expensive quack water ionizers.

    Naturally alkaline water is made alkaline by the presence of calcium and magnesium carbonates, When these react with stomach acid, they do reduce stomach acidity somewhat, although in the chemical reaction carbonic acid is formed and so some essential stomach acidity remains unlike with the dangerous quackery known as ionized alkaline water.

  29. @John Freeman possibly. Jeez, how hard would it be to just give subjects a few cases of water that is labeled A or B? They wouldn’t know if it was alkaline or not and, while not a double blind study, should be good enough to get some un-biased info.

  30. Im not a doctor but I’m confident in saying it’s the diet not really the water. If you didn’t drink enough water overall before & now do then the water makes a big difference. But the alkaline thing is nonsense. Especially artificially alkalined, which is harmful & is what most of it is. Great to hear your health has improved a lot though ☺️
    wish more people would listen to statements like yours. My dad died of kidney cancer. Mom from breast then pancreatic.
    Knowing what I know now, it’s largely the poison & “treatment” they give you. Since the “treatment” (chemo/radiation) kills you faster since it multiplies cancer cells, among other things. You’d think when people felt horrible & their hair fell out they’d get the hint it’s poison not medicine, but but.. the guy in the white coat that doesn’t care if I live or die said.. ya the guy given bonuses for prescriptions written & pushing certain drugs by big pharma and taught by big pharma funded schools told you I know.

    As is the case with literally every single pharmaceutical I’ve ever researched, which is a lot of them over the last few years. Ibuprofen CAUSES inflammation. Alzheimer’s drugs speed it up. Tums makes your heart burn worse. Antidepressants hinder all your Neurological process and transmitters. Uhh Muscle relaxers destroy tissue. & On and on. You get the picture. As with anything, it’s alll in the ingredients. Shampoos, deodorants, all of them. Every. Item. That. You. Use. Unless you get good organic stuff.
    & Use brave browser not Google unless want biased censored info but. Pubchem & other sites can find everything about them. Lot of them IRRITANT & CORROSIVE & ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARD etc. I’d pay anyone to find a pill that doesn’t mess your body up, usually the region your taking it for. Don’t worry tho, it does a half assed job at covering symptoms.
    Cult of medics.
    Murder by injection.
    Goodbye germ theory.

  31. Actual bottom line. Your stomach is maintained in an acidic state around pH 2. You literally produce hydrochloric acid in your stomach and the stomach’s digestive enzymes cannot function outside of that acidic state. As your stomach contents (called chyme) enter the small intestine the acid is neutralized by bicarbonate secreted by your pancreas. In your small intestine, different enzymes go to work that only function in a neutral environment. These environments are maintained in constant conditions. You simply cannot change the pH of your body by eating or drinking literally ANYTHING.
    Buffer systems maintain the pH of each organ, tissue, cell and organelle in order to stay alive. The reason urine becomes more basic when drinking alkaline water is that you are excreting the excess minerals in your urine. The negative ions (e.g., bicarbonate) bind with the free hydrogen ions in the urine (the literal definition of an acid) and reduce the acidity of the urine. The pH of your urine has no effect on the pH of your body. Period, full stop.
    Go take a basic biology course and pay attention. Alkaline water, pH miracle diet, it’s all complete bullshit manufactured to separate you from your money. It won’t hurt to drink alkaline water, or eat “alkaline foods” but it simply has zero effect on the rest of your body. Look up the debunked acid ash hypothesis if you don’t believe me. This is the rejected hypothesis that drives all this pH diet/water BS business. But what do I know, I’m just your friendly neighborhood biology professor.

  32. @Destructo Disk The Earth is not even close to being perfectly round. again, if you remove all the water the Earth is actually very jagged.

  33. @Destructo Disk Not necessarily. There are many things that can lead to weight gain, such as some medications, some glandular issues, diabetes, lack of exercise, etc. So there is no single answer to weight loss.

  34. @Destructo Disk : ” @Hveragerthi I didnt say what leads to weight gain. I said what leads to weight loss. Eating less does. You can’t gain fat without eating.”

    LOL!!!! Yes you can. Learn how the body actually works and you will understand why. I already gave reasons that can lead to this.

  35. @Destructo Disk : “@Hveragerthi all of the things you listed, would require you to consume food that would be turned into fat. ”

    Not true. You clearly have no clue how the human body works.

    And you cannot simply stop eating. We need food to survive. And going in to starvation periods can lead to excess weight gain when you start eating again.

    Learn some human physiology and pathophysiology before commenting again because you clearly have no clue what you are talking about.

  36. That’s so true u most look up ph test for water on YouTube there’s a young boy on here he’s famous for ph water testing it’s real and authentic

  37. @jermel payne Alkaline waters are neutralized as soon as they reach the stomach. So they have NO effect on blood pH and do not alkalize anything. Selling alkaline waters for health is a scam.

  38. Perhaps the aim is to ensure that digestive enzymes do not act well in the newly introduced pH. That would lead to less absorption of nutrients and the effects claimed are really because of weight loss in the long term?

  39. @Hveragerthi So what should LPR sufferers do, alkaline water is believed to be able to cure/control LPR, is it back to using PPI which is far more dangerous? do you have any suggestions?

  40. Long ago I had the burn bad… Half a teaspoon baking soda in cold water drink slow. Cheap healthy natural quite. Chug it and the flap in throat slams shut and can’t burp. Scary and painful..

  41. I tried omad for months and i lost a lot of vitamins minerals and suffering from some illness because of it.

  42. @Hveragerthi Watch out as water sources now are adding more lie which will make water Alkaline but in an unhealthy way 🙁

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