Charlie Sheen Tells Dr. Oz Why He Stopped Taking His HIV Medicine

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– In an exclusive interview with Dr. Oz, Charlie Sheen explains why he decided to stop taking his HIV medicine. Plus, Dr. Oz speaks to Dr. Samir Chachoua, the doctor in Mexico who claims that his controversial HIV treatments have essentially cured Sheen's HIV.

See more about Charlie Sheen's controversial HIV therapy in Mexico here:

28 thoughts on “Charlie Sheen Tells Dr. Oz Why He Stopped Taking His HIV Medicine”

  1. Yes I agree, he is doing a lot more than many other famous people who have a platform like he does but don’t care to take that advantage of it because their to busy living the life. Yes he lived a rough and dangerous life but now that reality has finally gave him the wake up call he desperately needed let’s pray he uses this to help others and most importantly himself.

  2. my grandma went 18 year ago to Mexico for her breast cancer she never took chemo or radiation and she still goes back for boosters treatment she’s 100 fine now

  3. Say what you want about Oz, but he has the ability to listen and have an open mind. Practically the most important trait in a Doctor.

  4. Dr. Oz is working hard on what he is doing. We have to thank him for his altruism to all of us. Thank you very much Dr. Oz.

  5. From his timid, hesitant behaviour, I believe Sheen is still in a physiological shock from learning his disease or living under a constant fear of death even if he’s got results showing the disease is under control.

  6. Say all the bad things u want, but Charlie sheen is a legend as an actor. Maybe not the ideal father, family figure, etc, but that’s his business.

  7. Amazing! Now I hope Charlie Sheen takes it and runs with it… He was given life for a good reason.. And I hope he finds his purpose now and works on his purpose to give back to others in a good sense of way.

  8. People can down play being wealthy all they want, but having money(being rich)makes a big difference. It makes a difference in the health care you receive, how people treat you and the various options that people reveal to you that the average Joe can’t afford.

  9. Thank you for speaking out so confidently about your status. A relative of mine passed away from it and never told his family he had it because of stigma and shame. It shouldn’t feel shameful.

  10. Interesting. I recall going over some of the videos of a doctor practicing in Mexico curing all forms of cancers by simply circulating vitamin C through the affected area. The vitamin C appears to murder the cancers and his success rate was reported at the time to be high.

  11. Appreciate you and the work you do Dr Ikpoko! You are a king for our people curing them from all STI & other deceases God bless you and your family!

  12. Thank you for all your amazing hard work, thank you for helping our community and putting yourself in the Frontline to battle with the HIV virus, you are truly amazing

  13. Naima RestoringDivinity

    Long live Sebi! He went to Mexico to cure his impotence and the man who introduced him to herbal healing took him on a lifetime journey!!!

  14. Rodrigo Salgado4546

    Even tho no matter what it can always come back treatment radiation chemo how I know I got family members

  15. @Meg B yes but there are different types of energy not all are radiant. only good radiant energy are the natural radiant energies. man made radiation while small amounts may be alot less harmful…”they” are allowing us as citizens to endure slow-death radiant energy!

  16. Do you know where does she go? What town and what doctor. It is good to know about him.
    Thank you

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