Causes and Solutions for Facial Hair in Women

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Dr. Jessica Shepherd discusses the options she often prescribes for her patients with unwanted facial hair and other symptoms that could be signs of PCOS.

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66 thoughts on “Causes and Solutions for Facial Hair in Women”

  1. Men want facial hair and they don’t get and some women have facial hair and they don’t want it

    Life is so unfair

  2. SISTERS WHO HAVE PCOS PLS STAY AWAY FROM THE METFORMIN AND BIRTH CONTORL PILLS.. All we gotta do is stay active and eat clean whole food. It’s not that difficult.

  3. My facial hair is hereditary unfortunately. I need laser hair removal and can not afford it right now. This facial hair issue has completely stolen my confidence and I’m so insecure and just wanna hide in the house. I rather be dead than live like this! This is a real nightmare!

  4. I’ve been on metformin for over 20yrs. I’m a diabetic who has PCOS. Metformin messed up my stomach so badly, and stripped my body of hair all over especially on my head. The only hair that has not been affected, is the hair on my chin. As a matter of fact it has actually increased significantly over the years. I have to do hair removal Everytime I’m stepping out of the house. And if I’m not going out, I do it every other day.

  5. PCOS runs in my family, it’s kind of scary. Both my sister an my cousin suffer from it. I can see all the effects it has on them and it breaks my heart.

  6. Pcos hurts me so much, i have been suffering since i was 13, I have to epilatewax my face everyday, going to school and college with super dark facials hair and break outs and acne all over my face feels like hell, im 18 now and still suffering it gets worse day by day

  7. Metformin did absolutely nothing for me, even at 2g a day. The pill has helped me with dysmenorrhea (and contraception obv) but not much else. My biggest help so far has been a lot of water, and as *little* carbs as possible that I’m almost keto (but not quite). After going low carb I have less bloating, I’m losing weight, I have energy, and my ovarian cysts aren’t rupturing every few months.
    That being said, my worst and most stubborn PCOS symptom is hirsutism and it just won’t ease, even after laser hair treatments. I can grow my sideburns faster than my father can. My skin is fair, and my hair is coarse and dark, so it’s quite obvious, which is quite depressing at times and really damages my self esteem. I gotta keep some humour about it though, otherwise I’d go crazy.
    I sincerely hope everyone with PCOS reading this finds something that eases their worst symptoms. x

  8. I’ve had problems for years it all seem to start around 12. I am 55 today and I guess you can say the hair growth on me is over whelming. Yes I had lots of testing done My Mom saw to it, but no answers not even birth control it made it worse. We gave up and I just live with the shaving the face and neck area everyday it is what it is.

  9. @Lady Beth Israel 07 Umm not for me I’d be in pain from head to toe lol and laser right now too expensive.

  10. I’ve never been diagnosed with PCOS but I have been struggling with these symptoms since middle school. I’ve hid it for most of my life until I couldn’t. My mom knows about it and so does my grandma but thats about it. I’ve had the hardest time with confidence and job hunting due to this issue. As of 2013 I’ve just distanced myself from social life all together. If I want to go do something as simple as visiting my grandma; I need to pluck for two weeks nonstop. Nair doesn’t work, ( but I keep trying bc idk what else to do), and a changed diet didn’t seem to do anything for me so I gave up for awhile. I’m tired of ruining my skin from shaving. (my mom has always told me to just stop shaving and the problem will go away, but I don’t think she understands that I can grow a full on beard. Since nair doesn’t work nor waxing my only option is shaving. Which I dont want to do.) I’m tired of running from people when they show up unannounced and I have facial hair. I’m exhausted with this issue. I want a job. Hopefully I can find a way to earn money so I can see if laser hair removal is my only option.

    If you have any other options I should/could try please comment them.

  11. I have been on bc for about five years now and it worked for me. I had terrible acne, facial hair, underarm hair, and sweated a lot. I had acne and chemical burn scars from years of experimentation with creams, tweezing, epilating and even laser hair removal. Nothing worked. The pill legit worked like magic for me. It took about a month before they kicked in but boy when they did let me tell u i was on cloud nine. I went from shaving every three days to tweezing thin small hairs once a month! It did lighten my periods immensely tho and it eased most of my menstrul pain, my periods used to b unbearable. The bc definitely worked for me so I encourage you ladies to try things out cuz it just might work for you. When I quit my job I lost my insurance and so I could no longer get the bc. I took up generic clinic bc and I can see the difference. My hair comes back every couple days and my acne is acting back up. I’m going to go back to an ogbyn and get back on the good stuff lol.

  12. Thought I had PCOS but all my blood test came back negative ! This just runs in my family ! I notice that a lot of Caribbean women have this ! I use European wax center ingrown hair pads they work fine but it takes time ! Also exfoliate once a week, moisturize and use some kind of spot treatment . It’s hard ladies be patient

  13. I took metformin and when I tell you… my symptoms were absolutely intolerable. Nausea, motion sickness, loss of appetite, and mood swings. I became very emotional, and depressed at some point in time. I had to stop taking it, it was making me miserable, plus the medicine takes a while to kick in. I will say everyone is different. My experience just wasn’t pretty while on metformin.

  14. You can’t diagnose PCOS with a blood test because it’s a syndrome. There are a cluster of symptoms

  15. One of the easiest ways to reduce testosterone in the body for women is through exercise. Something that was not mentioned. Diet helps but you need to train your body to keep the levels lower through daily activities.

  16. I’m taking Birth Control and is helping a little, but they come with a lot of side effects. I definitely recommend to avoid carbs. It literally makes you feel 100 times better. The first days will be hell, but once you get use to, your body will thank you. PCOS is a horrible disease. Every day I felt more miserable. Eating healthy and exercise is a big help.

  17. People doing electrolysis: Remember that you have to complete around 300 hours maybe more but it’s roughly around that time. I’m 6 months in and I’m not even 100 hours in yet, that’s only about 36 hours because sometimes when she doesn’t have a client after me she’ll give me an extra ten minutes. I go for an hour every week for $70. Also remember once you start it if you take a month off from treatments that’s a month “missed” meaning now you have to make up for that month. And that also gives your follicle time to heal which is bad because you want it to be dead and stay dead.. You have to be very consistent. My face is so much brighter it’s just the hairs that are actually dark, they are much thinner though. Just remember each hair needs a certain amount of time each to fully kill that follicle and whoever’s doing the electrolysis treatment is important too. (I remember one time my hair didn’t grow back for a whole month.) I did notice in that month though my diet was way better and I didn’t really eat any junk/sweets. Don’t do blend or shockwave either (they can give you 5 o clock shadow) just regular treatments. Its probably going to take another 4 years before I see a permanent result. I believe it in though my mother used to have this problem when she was younger and she completed her 300 hour treatments and they didn’t come back for atleast twenty years. It wasn’t until she gained weight is when it started to come back(I think she has pcos since weight gain can cause hairs) but even then if i could insert a picture I would. They are just like little peach fuzz hairs she’s light skinned too and they are not noticeable unless you know they’re are and are looking for them. I take saw palmetto every other day instead of everyday to slow down the growth because too much can give you bad gas and make you use the bathroom and depending on the mg. I’m going to start getting chemical peels to as well to see if that helps with some of the scars/hyperpigmentation from when i used to shave when i was younger. Keeping your face clean every morning and every night helps too. I used to do laser but all it did was cause more hairs to grow from spots I’ve never even had them in from before. I’m not sure if i have pcos or hiru because I didn’t go tested for neither. I do think it’s hiru for me because my periods are regular and aren’t heavy and I don’t experience much pcos symptoms. Don’t eat too much stuff with sugar I think hair and sugar got some type of secret relationship because those two things together is massive growth so I don’t eat candy a lot anymore I eat more fruits and I make yogurt with fruits in it with cinnamon and honey on top to give it flavor. If you must have sugar just make sure it’s brown sugar it’s way better for you than white. I drink a lot of tea too if you can’t take it plain just a little honey or a bit of coffee creamer too much sugar will ruin the benefits. For facial hair you should be drink SPEARMINT tea it’s hard to find but this is the tea you absolutely have to drink this is the only tea that’s good for facial hair. Don’t touch your face as much as you can to keep it clean all day. When it comes to problems like this it could be we have tooooo many male hormones in our body we need to find ways to balance it out. If you DO NOT balance your hormones every single thing you do will be completely pointless and ineffective, overgrown hormones are overgrown hormones you need to balance that out before trying to do anything like wasting money on electrolysis. What I do on a daily is this (Hormone balance pills, very consistent electrolysis, clean face all day 24/7, vitamin E or castor oil, drink a lot of water, I don’t eat a lot of meat as i used too anymore because they aid in hair growth, i eat as much fruits and veggies as I can everyday when it’s around, standing exercises for 20 minutes in the morning and night because exercising helps a lot, clean pillowcase) I hope this helps you girl.

  18. Typically if you’re still eating any processed man-made foods, you’ll still have facial hair. A clean diet means Whole Foods that aren’t created by man. The issue is the man made things we consume as well as hair products, makeup and skin lotions etc. throws endocrine system as well as hormones out of balance. No chemicals whatsoever is truly the BEST way to stop this.

  19. Try threading your face & a salon, very cheap, do it weekly if you can. It’ll pull the hair from the root & within a year you’ll notice it taking a while to grow back, grow sparse & eventually stop growing.

  20. thank you so much for taking the time to write this. Ill try saw palmetto and spearmint. Ive tried raspberry tea just to help my irregular period. I dont really have a problem with facial hair but I dont have the hair bumps under my chin a little but its no hair coming out of it but just to be on the safe side ill stop starch etc thanks

  21. Natural herbal medicine have made my wife normal again and I’m so happy she was able to beat Hirsutism/hashimato couldn’t believe at first but it worked for her, she had Hirsutism/hashimato for 3 years now, facial hair, acne, irregular periods I felt so sad she felt lot of pain until she came across dr isibor on youtube who prepared pure natural herbal supplement and body cleanser for her which she took and applied for 2 weeks to my greatest surprised everything disappeared! his herbs works perfectly well and no side effects. I can give his contact so you get the herbs and get cured permanently I believe it will definitely work for you too……..

  22. I was diagnosed infertile at 19, told was never gonna have kids never had a regular period, pretty much checked off all the symptoms of PCOS BUT last 2 months we celebrated my daughters first birthday conceived naturally with herbs remedies

  23. @Leonna Harris Removing dairy did not help me, only the Spironolactone did. But it might be worth a shot for those wanting to try diet before meds.

  24. Muhammad AbdulWahidKarim Musafir

    @Abdul Ghani omarshahryar I have thick beard. My beard grew since my school life.

  25. You are absolutely correct!!!!! I was recently given BC and Metformin and I refuse to take it. Lifestyle changes and clean eating is all we need to do.

  26. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my mid 20s after years of irregular periods/heavy periods/no periods and so many other symptoms, including hirsutism since I was a teenager. In my late 20s, I lost 160 lbs and kept it off for years. My facial hair never stopped growing. Even with my doctor prescribing spironolactone, I still have facial hair and am trying everything I can think of to get it to stop growing. I tried electrolysis, but only had enough money for three treatments and even then, it didn’t slow the growth of any of the parts of my face she treated.
    So yeah, people say losing weight will solve the PCOS problems, but imo, that’s BS. It’s sad that there’s all kinds of technology to help men regain hair, but almost nothing for women to get rid of it. My doctor gave me a prescription for Vaniqua and when I went to fill it, I found out it’s not covered by any insurance in the US and would have cost me $200-300 dollars per tube.
    There is way too much wrong with this country (the USA) and with Western society in general. Condemn women who have unwanted hair, but then prevent them from trying to address it. What the hell?

  27. I agree with this comment I have Caribbean in my blood and most of my friends have the same thing we all have kids

  28. @Ali Reardon You can get your levels checked prior to starting but there are studies that back this. It decreases it for women and increases it for men.

  29. @Whitney King may I ask how long you had to take spironolactone, and the dosage? I’ve been taking for 5 months, up to 100mg dose with no luck.

  30. @Merry Tunes I took Leveln ED for a year first, then combined with 25mg, 50mg, and then 100mg of Spiro for 6mo. each, with blood tests to monitor liver hormones. Been on 100mg Spiro for a few years now and the progress definitely tapers off but I saw the biggest difference in density of hair after about 12 months. Definitely doesn’t *remove* the hair, but it definitely thins it, especially on the face.

  31. It’s so strange how our bodies react so differently to the same thing. I had no side effects other than a bad acne flare up that is going down rn. I dropped the PCOS weight and the fatigue has also gone away

  32. All doctors would disagree with that. I am on both, and they are working wonderfully for me.

  33. im 16, and im I have the same struggle like you. I am Mexican and my mom says it’s jsut genes, but I know it’s not and I’m tired of living like this. I want to feel feminine!! I’ve done some research and I saw that soy based foods will help too

  34. @Charity I did really recent and they assigned me birth control for my irregular periods, and possibly it’ll help less hair growth on my jaw. But after doing research on birth control and about this condition for months now, I don’t want to talk the pills 🙁 I’ve tired to be healthy, but it’s on and off. I’ve been journaling and listening to self growth videos, and decided I won’t take the pills but instead try harder on eating healthy and working out more! For a month, and if my period still doesn’t come through or my jaw is still growing thick hair growth I’ll start taking the pills.

  35. @Sun Shine       this is the doctor’s name Dr ibhaze you can look for the name on YouTube because the doctor have a page

  36. Pallavisree Tambraparni

    I am forty six and experiencing perimenopause. So I am really trying to eat healthy so that I don’t end up with really bad symptoms such as body and facial hair, too many hot flashes, very dry skin constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, digestion issues, headaches, tiredness, itchy and dry skin etc… So I am trying to eat healthy, keep sodium and refined sugar and sodium to a minimum, drink plenty of water and herbal teas, get plenty of sleep and get a lot of physical exercise.

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