3 At-Home Cellulite Treatments

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Dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman explains how microneedling, caffeine creams, and dry brushing work and how effective they are in reducing the appearance of cellulite.

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32 thoughts on “3 At-Home Cellulite Treatments”

  1. Mine happened when I became estrogen dominant. Get your hormones in check. Optimal testosterone levels will help it go away

  2. So if 90% of women have cellulite and It’s almost impossible to get rid of unless you’re a celebrity Why are we so hard on ourselves about it ? We need to love ourselves and not bring others down for things we can not control.

  3. the WIZKER Brush Cures Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs


    Too many quick passes with the blade. One pass per hairy area – going 1-2 inches downward at a time – will prevent ingrown hairs. Always shave like you might cause damage, not like your mowing the front yard lawn.

    Too many blades! If you are prone to ingrown hairs then you don’t need 3 or more blades.

    Pressing too hard on the skin with the blade. A gliding, light touch is all you need. This is likely your biggest issue. So follow #4

    You should be using a warm/hot water prep (5 mins). Then leave the shaving creme on for more than 3 minutes to really soften the hair. The hair stubble should literally fall away with little or no pressure at all. Pressing hard is the problem! Be gentle ya’ll.

    Using a blade that’s been used way too many times. Yes, this one may be obvious, but be sure to keep your used tools as clean as possible. Soap and rubbing alcohol will destroy bacteria.

    Use of skin/pore clogging cremes or lotions. These keep hairs from growing up. After a shave, keep your skin bare; let the tiny army breath, and allow those newly shaved, really small, microscopic hairs to grow out just in time for the next shave.

    Not enough exfoliation to remove excess layers of skin. Use a skin care brush for razor bumps as directed. Brushes also tease the hairs away from entering the skin.

    Shaving too many times. This rule is hard to follow especially if you have to shave for your career but if you are prone to ingrowns, try shaving with an electric clipper. The results are not super close but no one but you will know the difference. Ladies, try waxing.

    Shaving against the grain. Shave in the direction of hair growth (usually down, but perform a face map to be sure).

    Avoid tight fitting clothing around the Adam’s apple (neck) and/or below the waistline region.

  4. I use a combination of Dry Brushing, Nivea Cellulite Gel, cocoa butter/coffee/coconut oil body scrub, and Nivea Moisturizer. I am constantly asked what I use to keep my skin looking smooth, young, glowing and healthy. That’s it! I lost 143 pounds 17 years ago and have been using this system from the beginning to keep my skin tight. I’m here to say that this works…try it!

  5. Chardala Simons

    I dry brush my entire body twice a day and notice that my thighs especially looks more glowy and smoother looking.

  6. I have struggled with cellulite since I was a teenager, now 40yrs old. I was never very overweight but am short and feel like I have big legs. front of my leg from knee up had a lot of cellulite. I bought a $10 dry body brush and started body brushing faithfully at night and used that nivea cellulite gel afterwards and within few days I was amazed and could no longer see any cellulite. it comes back when you stop by I start doing it every late spring so my legs look good for summer shorts and skirts. I’m too lazy to do year around but think if I did it would make big difference

  7. Katie • Correct. Another one of those facts about men and women having different biological makeup. The reason on why cellulite is not common in men is because they have more testosterone and thus have more muscle mass. And is women have more estrogen which causes us to have for body fat than men this causing cellulite more common in women. And at the same time is ironic because as women, we are thought to reject and stigmatize body fat in order to have a “perfect” body. It’s like us women trying to reject our own essence of being women and our own biological makeup. I don’t get it.

  8. Thats not necessarily true. Lack of movement causes cellulite. So you need to exercise. My cousin has PCOS and thats a testosterone overload yet she still has cellulite on her bum and thighs. Cut out sugar from your diet.

  9. kind of true, back in 2003 i did exercises for my butt, legs and hips, and what i did was when i was laying down or sitting down i contracted my muscles while watching tv and kept doing it until i felt like hot like i just worked out. i did it every night, at a point it became a habit and in time i did not see the cellulite anymore. of course years later after i stopped and was a little sedentary it came back but i know what to do to get rid of the appearance. no dimples at all.

  10. Tracee Johnson

    The lady said “I could feel the cellulite dripping off! ” You can tell she didn’t even believe her own lie as she was telling it!

  11. Thanks for making a realistic video showcasing these machines. Unfortunately, too many people think that these machines replace exercise and diet, which they of course, do not…they have to be supplemental. It’s very easy to fill these fat cells back up after undergoing the treatment if there are no lifestyle changes

  12. I first heard about the dry brushing on Poosh and decided to try it and was surprised that it really was a temporary fix for cellulite. So if heading 2 the beach dry brush legs prior to heading out and u will notice the difference.

  13. Charlene Turgeon

    derma rolling is good for helping creams and lotions get deeper into the skin, also brings micro holes to make blood bring good things to heal the skin

  14. Sheambitious29 Lachelle

    Smh and not only that the more weight you have on you the more cellulite you have and there is no way it’s reduced when your still obese

  15. I have cellulite in my knees, and I feel like am the only one that has cellulite there. I don’t even know how I got cellulite there since I was only 12 when they first showed up, and I was a skinny 12-year-old.

  16. Also cellulite can form from processed foods, & alcohol. I had hardly any, & I hurt my body through water fasting & abusing the fasting by breaking it with litres of alcohol, I was in a really bad place, & this broke down everything in my body, collagen, muscle, kidney’s, liver, immunity, hello inflammation, over a course of just 5 months, & WHAM hello cellulite from head to toe, & stretch marks on basically a very healthy slim body…ironically due to severe shyness, I’d hid my body for years! & than I did that. Now, I was in complete hiding. I get what they say about cellulite, body fat, muscle but if you eat crap, & don’t take care of yourself in exercise, & proper hydration..I was a dancer for 12.5 years, the body just won’t be the same. As we age, we change & so must our self care. Balance is key & not every Body is the same.

  17. Same but it gone with panthenol 2% cream for 1 week 2 time daily and i have stretch marks but with very white skin is not problem with me

  18. Oh same! I have them in my knees and they appeared when I was in my early teens. But I’m skinny too and underweight even until now.

  19. Elizabeth Chwakanowski

    How on earth is a topical cream going to eliminate the fibrous bands way beyond the skin surface?! Get real

  20. I use a dermaroller on my skin and my scars and it really does work. For cellulite however… It is way too deep to affect cellulite IMO maybe one day I will try.
    Creams, lotions etc DO NPT WORK, not one of them, this is a fact. Losing weight helps in reducing the ammount of cellulite but it’s still there.
    The only thing that worked for me and that mkaes swnse to me is cupping, also iy is extremely cheap. You need to use oil so that the cups can move, so using the suction their create you are stretching your fascia and it really does make a massive difference. The cons are that in when you start using it it will hurt, you will get bruises all over your legs and your cellulite will look even more pronounced, however as you keep doing it you can feel your fascia stretch and as it stretches you will stop bruising and hurting and then your cellulite will look better than ever, it is also doing a lymphatic drainage so your legs won’t feel like you have edema in them anymore. The sad part is that fascia tends to go back to its previous form so if you stop cupping your cellulite will come back and you will have yo ho through all the pain and bruising again.
    Aome people like to use fascia rollers or the fasciablaster combined with cupping, the basis for this is thta theey believe the fascia gets tight bc it gets like knotted so those devices help break it/ detangle it.

    Personally I don’t believe thta and have seen no studies about it but Im sure using them a little will improve your bloodflow so as long as you don’t spend much time and money on it I guess it won’t harm…..

  21. Sure but that only affects the outer layer of your skin no the cellulite. However it is very good for beautifil and healthy skin since it exfoliates and helps blood flow so its definitely better than nothing!

  22. Thandoh Ngcobo

    U are not alone hunney i have them too on my knees its even making them bigger even on my legs buttocks i feel so ashamed i wish i knew something to reduce them

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